Blitzwolf BW-FLB3: Review!

Blitzwolf BW-FLB3: Review!

You need to know the coolest Gamer earphone of the year, the stylish Blitzwolf BW-FLB3!

Bringing a totally different look, a built-in Gamer mode and an unexpected external microphone, the BW-FLB3 promises zero gaming delay, plus perfect conversation. Really?

Find out all about this new Blitzwolf bet:

Blitzwolf BW-FLB3: design, construction and battery

There is no way to talk about the BW-FLB3 without mentioning the incredible design of its large charging base. After all, it is shaped like a flying saucer!

The base also features incredible silver details and a beautiful glossy finish that, despite being more elegant, doesn’t help much in the longevity of the product.

Plus, it has a USB Type-C input for faster and more efficient charging.

And to top it off, it has RGB LEDs that show battery status and also ensure a more UFO-like look!

About the earphones, the Blitzwolf BW-FLB3 has a relatively large and bulging format. They have a tough matte finish and carry RBG LEDs to complete the Gamer design.

As a bonus, this model even features a large external microphone. According to the manufacturer, this extra microphone is designed to improve the quality of conversation during games.

And to ensure an uninterrupted experience, the BW-FLB3 carries a battery life of 5 hours of continuous playback, whether for music or games!

There is no official announcement about water protection, but as Blitzwolf always adds some protection, we believe it is ipx4 against splash and sweat.

Blitzwolf BW-FLB3: fixation

As already mentioned, the BW-FLB3 brings protruding earphones that may have impaired its fixation.
In our test, even trying all the rubbers in the case, the earphones were not very fixed, especially the one on the right because it carries the weight of the external microphone.

I believe it is a earphone that fits better in people with small ear canals, or I advise you to search for denser rubbers for better fixation.

BW-FLB3: how to pair with smartphone?

To pair the BW-FLB3 simply open the charging base and remove both earphones at the same time. Thus, they are available in the Bluetooth list and just confirm the connection.

Blitzwolf BW-FLB3: functions

Blitzwolf delivered us a Gamer earphone with all the functions we need! Check out:

Functions of the Blitzwolf BW-FLB3:

– 1 tap right: + volume
– 1 tap left: – volume
– 2 taps: pause/unpause
– 3 taps: virtual assistant
– press 2s right: skip music
– press 2s left: resume music

Physical button functions:

– 1 tap: activate external microphone
– 2 taps: Gamer mode

During a call:

– 2 taps: answer/end
– press 2s: reject call

Blitzwolf BW-FLB3: audio test, microphone test and delay test

Despite not having a perfect fit, the BW-FLB3 delivered a good sound quality. It features powerful bass, well-defined tones and a good volume level that doesn’t blow the tones.

It’s a earphone with a lot of sound potential, but it will be better used by those who get a good fit, since some of the quality was lost due to not having a good seal.

I confess that we were wary of doing the delay test on the BW-FLB3. After all, it is a Gamer earphone that comes with a 5.0 Bluetooth chipset.

Even with all the odds against it, this Gamer earphone from Blitzwolf didn’t have any delay, even when tested on an entry-level smartphone!

And to close with a flourish, the BW-FLB3 just needed a good microphone! Fortunately, it delivers clear, virtually noise-free audio, despite its somewhat low volume.

Blitzwolf BW-FLB3: is it worth it?

Yes, this is a good Gamer earphone!

The BW-FLB3 features the most beautiful design base ever seen on the channel. Also, the earphones are quite comfortable for their size and deliver good sound quality.

And for Gamers on duty, the BW-FLB3 even features a crystal clear microphone and impeccable gaming performance!

So, even if your smartphone has very simple hardware, you can have a great Gamer experience with this Blitzwolf earphone!

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