The Blitzwolf BW-FLB2: Review

The Blitzwolf BW-FLB2: Review

The newest Gamer earphone from Blitzwolf has just arrived and promises to please for the great cost-benefit!

It promises low gaming latency, plus a powerful microphone for conversations!

Find out now if Blitzwolf BW-FLB2 really is a good investment:

Blitzwolf BW-FLB2: design, construction and battery

Developed with a design that pleases the eye, the charging base of the BW-FLB2 has a beautiful Gamer logo on the top!

It also has battery level notification LEDs on the front, just below the brand logo.

In addition, the finish is all in matte black, which brings greater durability, since there is less propensity for scratches and fingerprints.

On the side, we have a USB Type-C port for charging. This generates a much faster charging, especially for the use of smart charger.

The BW-FLB2 earphones, on the other hand, have a very elongated shape and a very differentiated design.

It have the Gamer logo emblazoned in a prominent circle, an LED that lights up in response to the sound, and a great matte black finish.

Unfortunately, despite having a 1000 mAh battery, the earphones do not bring a lot of autonomy.
The BW-FLB2 supports only 4hrs of continuous music playback, with medium volume.

We expected that this autonomy would be much greater. After all, this is a Gamer earphone!

Regarding water resistance, the earphones have Ipx4 protection. It is not a very advanced protection, but it ensures that the earphones end up intact if they catch an accidental drizzle.

Blitzwolf BW-FLB2: fixation

In the fixation test, the earphone was not as fixed as most in-ear earphones.

Fortunately, despite not fitting the ear canal so well, the earphones did not fall out of the ears, even with more sudden movements.

In addition, whether on purpose or not, it should be a much more comfortable earphone for those who use it over a long period.

Blitzwolf BW-FLB2: how to pair with the smartphone?

To pair the Blitzwolf BW-FLB2, just open the base and the earphones are already available in the bluetooth list.

Then, just confirm the connection!

Blitzwolf BW-FLB2: audio test, microphone test and delay test

Even though it is not a earphone that adheres completely to the ear canal, it surprised us in the audio quality test!

The BW-FLB2 features 7.1 channel surround sound, which is an effect that simulates sounds and noises from several different directions.

This effect is very welcome for FPS games!

So, we did a step test to see if we could find out where the enemy was coming from.

The test result was an incredible surround effect, where the step directions were completely noticeable!

When it comes to music , he delivered great stereo sound, with well-defined tones and a very high volume. The bass is perfect and doesn’t burst at full volume!

And the Blitzwolf BW-FLB2 was once again flawless for games in our delay test!

Testing on a high-end smartphone, the Poco F2 Pro, the earphones showed no delay at all. As soon as the shots were made, the sounds were instantly transmitted.

So, there is no way to promise that it will be as synchronized on an entry-level smartphone, but on an intermediary, it will probably present a great result too!

In our microphone test, which promised to be a great differentiator from the model, the captured sound had a good volume. However, we expected better quality.

It is noteworthy that it had an evolution compared to other models of the brand, but it still presents muffling and a little noise.

Blitzwolf BW-FLB2: is it worth it?

If you are a Gamer, yes, it is worth it!

The Blitzwolf BW-FLB2 has a great surround effect that guarantees a very immersive experience, especially when dealing with FPS games.

In addition, it presented zero delay, which is a requirement for a good Gamer earphone.

Even when used for music, it proves to be a great earphone, with bass that doesn’t burst and well-defined tones.

The only caveat is that, even with the promise of having a powerful microphone, the captured audio from the BW-FLB2 is not that good. The microphone has an audible sound, but it does have a bit of muffling and noise.

Where to buy?

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