The Awei T35 Review!

The Awei T35 Review!

It’s time to meet the ultimate Apple AirPods Pro-inspired Gamer earphone, the Awei T35!

Awei bets all its chips on a earphone with an improved battery, a built-in Gamer mode and the promise of great music quality.

Is the T35 really great value for money?

Find out with our quality tests!

Awei T35: design, construction and battery

The Awei T35 is already pleasing with a very beautiful and stylish charging base.

It features two large LEDs that inform battery status and even generate a Gamer design for the base. The union of these LEDs with a glossy white finish creates a beautiful and elegant base.

In addition, it also features a Type-C USB port for more efficient charging.

The T35 earphones are small and very similar to the Apple AirPods Pro.
They carry an ear canal-facing design and have the same finish as the base.

They are stylish earphones that have great ipx5 protection against directed jets of water.

Besides, the Awei T35 achieves the autonomy of 5 hours of continuous music playback.
We expected the autonomy to be a little better, but it is still above average.

Awei T35: fixation

Like most ear canal earphones, the Awei T35 is very comfortable.

Even without applying pressure, it did very well in our fixation test as it didn’t fall out of ears during the most abrupt movements!

Awei T35: how to pair with smartphone?

Pairing the T35 is so easy that you don’t even have to remove the earphones from the base!
As soon as we open the charging abse, the earphones are already available in the Bluetooth list.

And as a bonus, the Awei T35 even features simultaneous connection!
This means that they work independently, so you can only use one earphone.

Awei T35: functions

– 1 tap: pause/unpause
– 2 taps right: skip music
– 2 taps left: resume music
– 3 taps right: Gamer mode
– 3 taps left: virtual assistant

During a call:

– 1 tap: answer/end call

Awei T35: audio test, microphone test and delay test

And Awei didn’t let us down, as they created a earphone that delivers great musical quality.

The T35 has a very high volume level, but it doesn’t burst the tones.
By the way, despite the bass being more prominent, all tones are very well defined.

The T35’s sound is so perfect that it’s practically a surround effect!

To do our delay test, we activated the T35’s Gamer mode and, once again, we were amazed at the quality of this Awei!

Even being tested on an entry-level smartphone, the Awei T35 performed impeccably in our test, as it didn’t show any kind of delay during FPS games.

And to end our tests, we did the long-awaited microphone test!
Although not a perfect microphone, the T35 delivered a good volume level and virtually noise free.

I don’t think it’s a microphone for professional use, but it’s quite audible for games and calls!

Awei T35: is it worth it?


The Awei T35 delivers one of the best sound qualits ever seen on the channel and even has a battery that guarantees 5 hours of music.

Furthermore, its Gamer mode works perfectly and allows zero delay on any smartphone!

Finally, the T35 has a microphone with some interference, but which is quite audible.

Where to buy?

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