The AirAux AA-UM7: Review

The AirAux AA-UM7: Review

And Blitzwolf presents us with a earphone similar to Apple AirPods, but with a much more affordable price!

Find out now if the UM7 really is a good alternative!

AirAux AA-UM7: design, construction and battery

Bringing a very elegant design, the charging base of the AirAux AA-UM7 has a matte finish and a beautiful red line on its cover, which is transparent.

This matte black finish brings greater durability, since there is less propensity for scratches and fingerprints.

The charging base has the brand logo on its front and battery level notification LEDs on the back.

Its charging is done by USB Type-C , being much faster, especially for those using an intelligent charger.

The AirAux AA-UM7 earphones are very light, even though they have a slightly more elongated shape, in addition to not having rubber bands!

Despite having a very interesting design, with a matte finish and the brand’s logo, the size of the earphones does not reflect its autonomy.
Unfortunately, UM7 supports only 4hrs of continuous music playback at medium volume.

We expected that this autonomy would be much greater, but it is within the average of this type of earphone.

Regarding water resistance, the AirAux AA-UM7 has a very advanced protection, the Ipx5. With it, you are protected even if you have an accident and fall into the pool!

AirAux AA-UM7: fixation

Despite not being a earphone that molds completely to the ears, the UM7 presented a good result in the fixation test.

Even with more sudden movements, the earphone did not fall from the ears.
However, it is not a earphone that adheres completely to the ear canal, which may be relevant for the isolation of external sounds.

AirAux AA-UM7: how to pair with the smartphone?

The AirAux AA-UM7 has a very easy pairing!

To pair, just open the charging base and the earphones are already available in the bluetooth list. And then, just confirm the connection.

AirAux AA-UM7: functions

The AirAux AA-UM7 has a very responsive touch sensitivity.

With this resource, we can play/rewind/pause/unpause songs, answer and refuse calls and access the virtual assistant.

In addition, we can also increase and decrease the volume on the earphones themselves, which is a resource much desired by users!

AirAux AA-UM7: audio test, microphone test and delay test

In our test of sound quality, the AirAux AA-UM7 presented a good stereo effect, with well-defined tones.

Unlike the others, UM7 brings us a much more equalized sound … the sound known as Flat !
In it, we can identify all the tones, but none stands out over the other.

As we mentioned earlier, it is not a earphone that adheres completely to the ear canal, and that influences a little when listening to music.

If positioned higher, we can gain a little more bass.

This type of more neutral sound has many fans, but it may not please those who like to listen to louder, more strident music.

To do the delay test, we activate the low latency Gamer mode.

In the test, the earphone had a very subtle delay, but that was a great result!

After all, the test was done with an entry-level smartphone, the Galaxy A01.

This means that, on intermediate or high-end smartphones, there will probably be no delay with the UM7!

In our microphone test, the AirAux AA-UM7 proved to have a little low and muffled audio, but with few hisses. Therefore, it is not very suitable for video classes and videoconferences.

AirAux AA-UM7: is it worth it?

It depends on your taste and purpose!

The AirAux AA-UM7 has a great stereo effect, with very well defined tones. However, it is a earphone for those who like a more neutral, more equalized sound.

If you like electronic music, or some types of “metal”, it may not be the most suitable earphone for you.

Although it does not have a microphone suitable for videoconferencing, it is audible on calls. So, if it’s not for work, it can serve the purpose.

In terms of delay, UM7 does get points. As it presented an extremely subtle delay in an entry smartphone, this can be a great earphone for Gamers on duty.

After all, we expected a much more noticeable delay in this test!

Where to buy?

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