The AirAux AA-UM12 Review!

The AirAux AA-UM12 Review!

And we’ve just received the newest sports earphone from Blitzwolf, the incredible AirAux AA-UM12!

This huge Bluetooth earphone promises safety for sports practice, a great sound quality and even claims that it can be a good partner for games.

This all sounds great, but is the AirAux AA-UM12 really perfect?
Discover the truth in our full review:

AirAux AA-UM12: design, construction and battery

We couldn’t start our analysis any other way than talking about this super stylish design!

The AirAux AA-UM12 is a relatively large earphone that features a huge red support strap.

Despite being quite large, this strap conveys a high-quality image, in addition to conveying security for high-impact athletes.

Well, the AirAux AA-UM12 also has a bigger body than most earphones, but the good news is that this body supports 8 hours of continuous music playback.

Plus, it has an ear canal-facing construction, which can mean good bass gain.

And as you can imagine, such a robust earphone needs a large charging base, so the AirAux AA-UM12 might not be very easy to carry around.

To compensate, the base has a matte finish that ensures greater durability.

Oh, and while we’re talking about durability, the AA-UM12 has great ipx5 protection.
Therefore, the earphones are protected against sweat and directed jets of water.

AirAux AA-UM12: how to pair with smartphone?

The AirAux AA-UM12 features automatic simultaneous connection, which means the two sides work independently and connect automatically.

So, just remove the two sides from the charging base so that they connect to each other and become available in the Bluetooth list. So, just confirm the connection!

AirAux AA-UM12: functions

Default Functions

– 1 tap: pause/unpause
– 2 right taps: skip music
– 2 left taps: back to music
– 3 taps: virtual assistant

Call Functions

– 1 tap: answer/end
– press 2 seconds: ignore

AirAux AA-UM12: fixation

We opened our tests by testing the most important quality of this model: the fixation.
After all, there’s no point in a sports earphone that falls out of your ears, is it?

Therefore, we are happy to report that the AirAux AA-UM12 has an excellent grip and does not move from the ears even during the most brusque movements.

So, this is a perfect earphone for anyone who practices high-movement sports like racing!

AirAux AA-UM12: audio test, microphone test and delay test

And as earphones aren’t just about fixing, we tested the sound quality of the AirAux AA-UM12.

During testing, the first thing we noticed was that it doesn’t reach very high volume.

But, like any good earphone, it delivers a stereo effect with well-defined tones and more prominent bass.

However, unfortunately these bass are not the most powerful we’ve seen here on the channel.

So, this is a good sound quality for those who like more calm music, but it may not please those who like to feel the beat.

And it’s time to see if the promise of a Gamer partner is really fulfilled!

In our delay test, the AirAux AA-UM12 delivered a great result for a model that wasn’t designed for gamers.

After all, it had a slight delay of about 0.5s when running an FPS game on an entry-level smartphone.

As you may know, this type of smartphone has very simple hardware, so we think it was a good result.

So if you have an intermediate or more advanced smartphone, you won’t notice any lag!

To close with a flourish, we did our long-awaited microphone test.

And, like the other tests, the AirAux AA-UM12 did well in this test, but it wasn’t perfect.

It delivered a good volume level, but not too loud, and somewhat muffled audio.

Despite this, it is not a microphone that has a lot of interference, so it can be used for all types of conversations.

AirAux AA-UM12: is it worth it?

If you like balanced quality, the AirAux AA-UM12 is a great choice!

This great sports earphone comes with two high-quality support straps that ensure comfort and safety for sport lovers.

Plus, it delivers great sound quality for those who don’t mind a medium volume.

And to top it off, Blitzwolf has fulfilled its promise by delivering a sports earphone that can also be a good partner for Gamers!

Where to buy?

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