AirAux AA-UM10: Review!

AirAux AA-UM10: Review!

And the AirAux AA-UM10 comes with the promise of being the most cost-effective hybrid earphone!

A low cost earphone with a tough finish, an improved battery and the guarantee of great sound quality with its 2 ANC modes.

Is the AA-UM10 a good option at a good price?

AirAux AA-UM10: design, construction and battery

The AA-UM10 features a little large but not too thick charging base that has a nice matte black finish.
This finish helps increase longevity as it is less prone to scratches and marks.

The base charges an LED that informs you of battery status and has a Type-C USB port for faster and more efficient charging.

The earphones has a semi-elongated design and a construction aimed at the ear canal.

They are very beautiful and have a beautiful dark blue color. Plus, it has great ipx5 protection against directed jets of water.

And about autonomy, this great little earphone carries a battery life of 5 hours of continuous music playback, with the ANC turned on!
If the modes are off, it achieves 6 hours of playback at medium volume.

AirAux AA-UM10: fixation

During our test I could see that the AA-UM10 offers a very good grip. Thanks to its design, it fits very well in the ear canal and doesn’t fall out even during the most brusque movements.

This great fixation guarantees more security and also a bass gain!

AirAux AA-UM10: how to pair with smartphone?

To pair the AA-UM10, simply open the charging base and remove the earphones. Thus, they connect and are already available for connection in the Bluetooth list.

Oh, the earphones have simultaneous playback, so they don’t need to be removed from the base at the same time. So, if you need it or want it, you can use only one side!

AirAux AA-UM10: functions

Although it doesn’t bring the volume up and down function, the AA-UM10 is pretty complete!

Default functions:

– 1 tap: pause/unpause
– 2 taps: ANC modes
– 3 taps: virtual assistant
– press 2 seconds: skip music

Function during call:

– 1 tap: answer/end call

AirAux AA-UM10: Noise Canceling Modes (ANC)

It’s time to test the 2 ANC modes of this earphone that is much more affordable!

The APT mode amplifies the loudest external sounds without spoiling the musical quality. That way, we can enjoy our songs without them camouflaging important sounds, such as voices.

This mode is ideal for those who practice sports on the street, as it allows you to hear the car horns.

And the ON mode is to cancel all the sounds of an indoor environment and create a very immersive musical experience.

This is the perfect mode to use it at home and make the most of our music.

During testing both ANC worked perfectly, ensuring a great experience!

AirAux AA-UM10: audio test, microphone test and delay test

In our sound quality test, the AA-UM10 delivered a great stereo effect!

It has a very high volume level and doesn’t burst the tones. Speaking of tones, they are all very well defined and the bass is very powerful.

For our delay test, we took the entry-level smartphone, the Galaxy A01.

Even on a smartphone with much simpler hardware, this 5.1 chipset did very well as it demonstrated a slight delay of about 0.3 seconds.

When tested on a intermediate smartphone, the AA-UM10 showed no lag!

We finished our tests with the long-awaited microphone test and were amazed by the performance of the AA-UM10.

Despite being a cheaper earphone, it delivered great audio quality!

It delivers a great volume level and very clean audio with virtually no interference.

AirAux AA-UM10: is it worth it?

Yes, this is great value for money!

The AA-UM10 is a low-cost earphone that has a great design and finish.

Furthermore, it delivers incredible sound quality and a good Gamer experience, especially for those who have an intermediate or more advanced smartphone.

Finally, the AA-UM10 microphone can be used for any purpose!

Where to buy?

The AirAux AA-UM10 is found in the online stores below:
Amazon Brasil

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