The AirAux AA-GB3 Review!

The AirAux AA-GB3 Review!

And now it’s time to test the first AirAux Gamer headset here on the channel, the stylish AA-GB3!

This new bet promises an immersive music quality and a unique experience with its 7.1 channel surround effect. But is it all that?

Discover it all in our full review:

AirAux AA-GB3: design and construction

For those who don’t know, AirAux is a line by Blitzwolf, a well-known brand among Gamers. So we were looking forward to meeting the AA-GB3!

The first thing we noticed when opening the box of this headset was its extensive cabling. Yes, the AA-GB3 is not a mobile headset, which guarantees zero delay during games.

Well, in addition to a cable of about 150cm, this headset has a very beautiful and multicolored design that has an RGB LED to give it an even more Gamer touch.

It also has a strap system that allows for adjustments and ensures great comfort.

Speaking of comfort, the AA-GB3 has a premium set of earpads that can be swapped out if worn, plus it has a pad on top.

Also, it weighs 280g, which may seem like a lot, but it’s lighter than the previous generation.

Another evolution we had regarding the latest models was the microphone issue.

The AA-GB3 features a very malleable microphone that allows for optimal adjustment in different positions.

And about controls, we can control some functions through buttons that are located on the headset cabling.

With these buttons we can control the volume level, the Led RGB and even the microphone.
This button quickly mutes the microphone, which is perfect for Gamers and Streamers!

AirAux AA-GB3: audio test, microphone test and game test

It’s time to know if these 50mm drivers really deliver what they promise.
And yes, the AA-GB3 has proven to have more powerful bass than most Gamer headsets!

This headset delivers an excellent stereo effect and a great volume level that, by the way, doesn’t blow any of the tones.

So this is one of the best Gamer headsets for those who also enjoy music.

And to be a good Gamer headset, we need to have a good conversation, don’t we?
So, we’re happy to say that the AA-GB3 did very well in our mic test!

This Gamer headset delivers clean audio with little hiss and a good volume level.

It’s a really cool microphone and it will certainly ensure a very clear conversation, even during shooting sequences!

Finally, we tested the 7.1-channel surround effect to see if we can really track our enemy. And, once again, we were surprised by the AA-GB3!

In game testing, it created a super immersive experience where we could easily pinpoint the location of the enemy’s footsteps.

That’s why the AA-GB3 passed our FPS step location test with flying colors!

AirAux AA-GB3: is it worth it?

If you’re looking for the perfect headset for a Gamer computer, the AA-GB3 is a great choice!

The new bet from Blitzwolf brings a stylish design and a premium finish that should be difficult to wear.

In addition, this headset is very comfortable and has a long cabling to ensure mobility during the match.

And about quality, it will probably take a while for another Gamer headset to deliver the music experience that the AA-GB3 achieves.

This new model also features an improved microphone that will deliver a very clear conversation, at least on your part.

Finally, with this headset you’ll know exactly where your enemy is coming from!

Where to buy?

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