Soundpeats True Air 2: Review!

Soundpeats True Air 2: Review!

You need to meet Soundpeats’ newest wireless earphone, the sleek True Air 2!

This AirPods-type earphone promises a sound quality equal to the rubber earphones, which would be a novelty, wouldn’t it?

Check now if he really gets it done:

True Air 2: design, construction and battery

It’s impossible to talk about True Air 2 without mentioning its resemblance to AirPods, but also without mentioning that it carries a very different design.

The True Air 2 has a very compact charging base that makes it easy to carry the earphones. It also has a premium matte finish, which ensures longer product longevity.

In addition, the base has an LED for battery notification and also has a USB Type-C input for faster and more efficient charging.

And we can see more style when it comes to the True Air 2 earphones!

It comes with earphones with a semi-in-ear head, reminiscent of AirPods, but the design is angled to better fit the ears.

The body of these earphones is quite elongated, so it achieves an autonomy of 5 hours of continuous music playback.

But that’s not all, because the base is capable of charging the earphones 4 times, which guarantees a full charge of 15 hours!

Finally, it also has ipx4 protection against splashing water, dust and sweat.

True Air 2: Fixation

Despite being without rubber, the True Air 2 surprised us for being very comfortable and having a good fit.

Therefore, its use is not bothersome in the long term and it can even be used during physical exercise!

True Air 2: how to pair with smartphone?

To pair the True Air 2, just open the base and remove both at the same time. This way, they are available in the Bluetooth list and it’s just a matter of confirming the connection.

True Air 2: audio test, microphone test and delay test

It is important to note that True Air 2 supports Codec aptX. In other words, if your smartphone is compatible, you will have a music quality very similar to the studio.

And True Air 2 proved it wasn’t kidding when it ensured audio similar to that of rubber earbuds.

In our sound quality test, it delivered a perfect stereo effect, with well-defined tones and very powerful bass.

What’s more, it achieves an extremely high volume level, but it doesn’t overflow the tones.

In our delay test, we put Bluetooth 5.2 and True Air 2’s Gamer mode to the test!

The result of this was an extremely subtle delay (about 0.5 seconds) when running FPS games on a very basic smartphone, the Poco M3.

So, if you have an advanced intermediate or high-end smartphone, you won’t have any delays.

Ah, this delay is not noticeable in videos, ok?

And finally, we did our long-awaited microphone test!

Although True Air 2 has 4 microphones and has effective noise cancellation, the audio has some noise.

It does have a good volume level and is quite audible, but it’s not a perfect microphone for professional use for example.

So if you’re looking for a good microphone for calls and games, it might be a good choice. However, this is not the best microphone for video conferencing.

True Air 2: is it worth it?

This is the best choice for those who like in-ear earphones!

There’s no denying that the True Air 2 is the best earphone without rubber ever tested on the channel, although it’s not perfect.

It features a beautiful, practical and durable design that will please those looking for a great earphone.

Plus, it delivers impeccable sound quality that probably took everyone by surprise.

And if you are a Gamer and have a smartphone with more advanced hardware, you will certainly not be disappointed with this earphone.

After all, it guarantees an immersive experience and even brings a good microphone to the conversation!

Where to buy?

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