The Soundpeats Sonic: Review

The Soundpeats Sonic: Review

Soundpeats’ newest release, Sonic, has just arrived!

With Qualcomm QCC3040 chipset, Bluetooth 5.2 and aptX support, is Soundpeats Sonic worth the cost?

Let’s find out!

Soundpeats Sonic: design, construction and battery

I’ll start this post by talking about the impressive design of the Soundpeats Sonic.

It’s just a beautiful earphone.

It brings a loader base with great design and amazing colors. In it, the details in gray and rose gold attract attention!

The base finish is all matte, which ensures that there will be no marks.

At the top, the base still has the brand logo, which is presented in a very elegant way.

Soundpeats Sonic is charged via USB Type-C , which makes charging much faster, making it perfect for anyone using a smart charger.

Beside the USB port, the base also has an LED that informs the battery status.

On the earphones, they are also very beautiful, and bring the same colors as the charging base, in addition to the brand logo.

However, we cannot classify them as being small earphones, but you will already know the reason …

Yes, Soundpeats Sonic has a very large body, but that’s great news!

Believe it or not, the earphone’s autonomy is an impressive 15 hours of continuous music playback!

That’s right! I took the test and was able to prove it!

In addition to all these positive points, it also has a very advanced protection against water, the Ipx5. So, if you are on the street and it starts to rain, even if it is heavy, your earphones will come out intact.

Sonic Soundpeats: fixation

In the fixation test, Sonic surprised to be very comfortable, despite the size.

The earphone has rubber bands for greater adherence to the ear canal, and it is very important to choose the correct one.

Thus, it proved to be a very fixed earphone, without moving during more sudden movements.

Soundpeats Sonic: how to pair with the smartphone?

Soundpeats Sonic has a very simple pairing.

Just remove the earphones from the charging base, they connect and are already available in the Bluetooth list.

Sonic Soundpeats: Functions

To access the functions, the earphones have a physical button , which I believe is much better.
After all, we are often confused with touch sensitivity.


1 tap: pause/unpause
2 taps right: + volume
2 taps left: – volume
3 taps right: virtual assistant
3 taps left: gamer mode
press 1.5s right: skip music
press 1.5s left: resume music

Soundpeats Sonic: audio test, microphone test and delay test

It is important to start by stating that Sonic supports the Codec Apt-X .

That is, whoever has a smartphone with support for this technology, will have a unique experience, with musical quality very similar to that recorded in the studio.

In the audio quality test, Soundpeats Sonic demonstrated that it is not only beautiful, but has a lot of sound quality.

It has a perfect stereo effect, with very well defined tones.

All the instruments in the music are noticeable, and no tone bursts. The bass is perfect!

One observation is that it does not have a very high volume level, but I believe it is the ideal volume to maintain the sound quality.

What promises to be another great differentiator for Soundpeats Sonic is its Bluetooth 5.2 technology.

In addition, it features Qualcomm chipset , which also promises superior gaming performance!

Already looking forward to the delay test, I was able to verify that there is nothing delay in the Soundpeats Sonic!

Even being tested on a entry-level smartphone , the Galaxy A01, the feedback of the sounds was immediate. So, the result was better than expected!

Now, to be a perfect earphone for games, we just need to know what the conversation will be like, right?

So I did the long-awaited microphone test and, once again, I was surprised by Sonic!

With a great level of volume, and without any muffling or noise, it demonstrated that it is also perfect for conversation!

Sonic Soundpeats: is it worth it?


There is no denying that this is one of the best and most beautiful earphones I have ever tested!

It carries an impressive autonomy of 15 hours and has incredible musical quality, so it will please all music lovers!

In addition, it has technologies that guarantee zero delay, even on much simpler smartphones.

And, to close with a flourish, it has a great microphone that can be used during games, for video lessons or even for videoconferences!

In summary, for whatever purpose you would like Soundpeats Sonic, I guarantee it will be a great choice!

Where to buy?

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