Soundpeats Mini Review!

Soundpeats Mini Review!

Soundpeats Mini: small in size, but giant in quality!

Soundpeats’ newest compact earphone promises to deliver incredible sound quality, enhanced microphones, and a zero-delay gamer experience.

But does it do all that even though it’s such a small earphone?
Find out now in our full review!

Soundpeats Mini: design, construction and battery

We opened this review by talking about what most attracts attention in this earphone: a super compact design!

To show that the proposal here is ease of transport, the Soundpeats Mini features a very small and very thin charging base.

And in addition to offering faster charging via USB Type-C, this base still has a great matte finish that ensures less scratches and fingerprints.

When opening the base we find two small earphones with a “bean” shape that bring a design aimed at the ear canal, which usually helps with the quality of the bass.

And to everyone’s surprise, even being so small the Soundpeats Mini achieves an autonomy of 5 hours of continuous music playback!

As a bonus, it still has a water protection by ipx5, so the earphones are protected against dust, sweat and low pressure water jets.

Soundpeats Mini: fixation

As we said before, the Soundpeats Mini has a bean-like design, so we were hoping it would do well in our testing and fixing.

After all, this construction tends to suit different ear sizes very well.

And this little earphone did not let us down, as it remained super fixed and well shaped, even during the most sudden movements.

In addition, the Soundpeats Mini appears to be extremely comfortable for extended use.
So, if you want a headset to listen to music while you exercise, this is a great option!

Soundpeats Mini: how to pair with smartphone?

Soundpeats Mini has automatic simultaneous connection, that is, the sides work independently and connect automatically.

Therefore, just remove the earbuds from the base (at the same time or not) and they connect to each other and are already available in the Bluetooth list.

Soundpeats Mini: Functions

Functions of Soundpeats Mini:

– 1 right tap: +volume
– 1 left tap: – volume
– 2 taps: pause/unpause
– 3 taps: virtual assistant
– press 1.5s right: skip the song
– press 1.5s left: return to music

During a call:

– 2 taps: answer/end
– press 1.5 seconds: ignore
– press 2 seconds: exchange call

Soundpeats Mini: Audio Test, Mic Test and Delay Test

In the sound quality test this little earphone surprised us with the power of a giant!

Despite being super compact, Soundpeats Mini delivers a perfect stereo effect with super powerful bass and an excellent volume level.

Plus, it has well-defined tones that don’t pop when the volume is all the way up!

In our delay test we put this Bluetooth 5.2 chipset to the test, and although it wasn’t perfect, we were also very happy with the result!

During testing done on an entry-level smartphone, the Soundpeats Mini delivered a small audio delay of 0.2 seconds.

This may not seem like a good result, but considering that we run FPS games on a simple hardware smartphone, and that this earphone doesn’t have a gamer mode, it could have been much worse.

So if you have an intermediate or advanced smartphone, you will probably have zero delay!

Finally, we did our microphone test to see if we have good conversational quality.
And, unfortunately, this is where the Soundpeats Mini fails, as it delivers a little muffled audio.

Despite this, this is not a bad microphone, as it has a great volume level and practically interference-free audio, but we do not recommend it for those who make videoconferences.

Soundpeats Mini: is it worth it?

If you are looking for a light and comfortable earphone for everyday use, yes!

The Soundpeats Mini has a super compact design that has an excellent fit, which creates a perfect model for those who practice outdoor sports.

In addition, it creates a high-quality sound experience, with extremely powerful bass and an excellent volume level.

And despite not having a gamer mode, the Soundpeats Mini demonstrated a very subtle delay that is only noticeable on entry-level smartphones.

Finally, it doesn’t have a perfect microphone, but it perfectly suits those who usually make informal calls or who play online matches.

Where to buy?

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