The Soundpeats Air 3 Pro Review!

The Soundpeats Air 3 Pro Review!

Get ready to meet Soundpeats’ newest noise canceling earphones, the mighty Soundpeats Air 3 Pro!

This Bluetooth earphone promises an immersive music experience, as it features two ANC modes, and even guarantees zero delay in games, thanks to its Bluetooth 5.2.

With these promises, the Soundpeats Air 3 Pro seems to be a complete earphone, but is it?
Find out in our full review:

Soundpeats Air 3 Pro: design, construction and battery

We open our review by talking about this super different charging base.

The Soundpeats Air 3 Pro features a base so compact that it even looks like it’s been flattened, which makes it much easier to carry the earphones in your pocket or armband.

And in addition to being thin, this base has a great rubberized finish, so it’s less prone to scratches, and it even has a USB Type-C port for faster and more efficient charging.

The Soundpeats Air 3 Pro earphones have a rubber headband and an ear canal design. This combination usually guarantees great fixation and good bass.

And as they have a more elongated body, they guarantee a great autonomy of 6 hours of continuous playback with the volume at 50%.

Finally, Soundpeats Air 3 Pro features advanced IPX5 protection against dust, sweat and water jets. So if you’re on the street with your earphones on and it starts to rain, don’t panic.

Soundpeats Air 3 Pro: how to pair with smartphone?

To pair the Soundpeats Air 3 Pro, just open the charging base and the earphones are already available in the Bluetooth list. Then just confirm the connection.

Soundpeats Air 3 Pro: Functions

Default Functions

– 1 right tap: + volume
– 1 left tap: – volume
– 2 taps: pause/unpause
– 3 taps: virtual assistant
– press 1.5 seconds right: skip music
– press 1.5 seconds left: ANC modes

Functions during call

– 2 taps: answer/end
– press 1.5 seconds: ignore

Soundpeats Air 3 Pro: ANC Modes

Soundpeats Air 3 Pro has two ANC modes: “Transparent” and “Normal Mode”.

The “Transparent” mode was developed to ensure security and facilitate communication, as it amplifies external sounds without them camouflaging the music.

This is the perfect mode for those who like to chat while listening to music at the gym, for example. It also allows you to listen to traffic noises, which is a must for anyone who likes to ride a bike on the street or enjoy music on the earphones while driving.

And during our tests, we’ve proven that this mode fulfills its purpose. It amplifies the most important voices and sounds, but without spoiling the sound quality.

The “Normal Mode” was created to guarantee a great sound immersion, as it completely cancels the noise of an environment.

This is the ideal mode for you to use at home and enjoy your favorite songs or to marathon that series and feel like you’re part of it.

And once again, we were impressed with the quality of this mode. It really muffles almost all external sounds and guarantees great sound immersion.

Soundpeats Air 3 Pro: Audio Test, Delay Test and Microphone Test

Now that we know the ANC modes work great, we need to find out if the Soundpeats Air 3 Pro delivers the sound quality it promises, so we did the long-awaited audio test.

And the result of that test was a great volume level, well defined tones and super powerful bass.

But, despite being an excellent sound quality, we have two observations to make:

The first is that the volume level is loud enough to ensure a great music experience without harming your hearing, but some say it’s not loud enough.

The second observation is in relation to the bass, since they are so powerful, but so powerful, that they are on the limit of not becoming uncomfortable when the earphones are at maximum volume.

In short, if you love bass and don’t like to blast the earphones volume, the Soundpeats Air 3 Pro is perfect for you!

And we put the Soundpeats Air 3 Pro’s Bluetooth 5.2 to the test in our famous delay test.

In this test, we ran FPS games on an entry-level smartphone to see if the earphone can deliver synchronized audio. And this time, we witnessed an audio-visual sync that was just perfect!

Even during shooting sequences, Soundpeats Air 3 Pro guaranteed zero delay in FPS games.

Last but not least, we tested the microphones to find out if they offer good conversational quality.

And the result was audio with an excellent volume level, little muffling and some hiss.

That is, despite not being a perfect microphone, it is good enough to be used in calls, online matches or even during video classes.

Soundpeats Air 3 Pro: is it worth it?

Definitely yes!

The Soundpeats Air 3 Pro is a very well built Bluetooth earphone, with an excellent finish and a great waterproof protection.

In addition, it carries two very efficient ANC modes, delivers impeccable sound quality and even guarantees zero delay on any smartphone.

Finally, it has a very audible microphone that can be used for all informal calls.

Where to buy

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