The Redmi Note 10: Review

The Redmi Note 10: Review

And after a few weeks of testing the Redmi Note 10, this handsome Xiaomi smartphone, I finally deliver a complete analysis with the main strengths and weaknesses of the device.

It promises a good multimedia experience, great photos and a good gaming performance, even though it is an intermediate smartphone.

Is the Redmi Note 10 really worth its value?

Find out now if the Redmi Note 10 really delivers what it promises:

Redmi Note 10: design and construction

The first point that attracts attention to the Redmi Note 10, is the union of a beautiful design with a very lightweight smartphone.

The Redmi Note 10 has a plastic finish on its back and side.
And the great advantage of this design is that the back has a beautiful matte finish that disguises the scratches and fingerprints.

Despite being elegant, this finish is not very durable, but it is what allows the smartphone to weigh only 3,94 lb. Thus, it does not bother the wrist with prolonged use.

This model has a very authorial identity, which is seen mainly on its cameras.
At the rear, the Redmi Note 10 brings 4 cameras in the upper left corner.

The selfie camera is located in the upper central part of the front screen. It is also responsible for the facial unlocking of the smartphone.

Speaking of unlocking, this model has a physical button for biometric unlocking, the same POWER button.

For music lovers, the Redmi Note 10 has a 3.5mm jack for conventional headphones.
And for an even richer musical experience, the model features stereo audio output!

We also have a card drawer that is not hybrid, so we can use two chips while expanding the memory of the smartphone.

In addition, it features Gorilla Glass 3 protection against drops and scratches. This is not a very advanced protection, but it helps in small falls.

And, as a bonus, the Redmi Note 10 carries Ip53 protection against splashing water and sweat!

Redmi Note 10: screen

Bringing a 6.43 inches screen that features super AMOLED technology, the Redmi Note 10 promises a great resolution.

Regarding the screen size, I believe it is the ideal size. It is not small, but it is also not large enough to disturb the palm of the hand during use.

And about quality, AMOLED technology makes it practically impossible to distinguish black spots!

Note 10 also has a maximum brightness capacity of 1,100 nits. This ensures that we will have no problem seeing the images on the screen, even under very high sunlight.

In addition to having a great brightness capacity, the combination of an AMOLED screen with a quality of 409 pixels per inch, creates a very high resolution screen.

This incredible screen transmits images and videos with very vivid and intense colors, and still allows great readability in any situation.

Redmi Note 10: hardware and software

The Redmi Note 10 has intermediate hardware and brings a processor that was recently improved for games and videos, the 11 nanometer Snapdragon 678 chipset.

In addition, it has an Adreno 612 graphics card, and has a capacity of 4GB of RAM.

Theoretically, the performance of this intermediate configuration should not have been very good, but it guaranteed a great fluidity in the Redmi Note 10. The proof of this was the good results that the smartphone achieved in our gaming test and in the multitasking.

Although its processor has a greater spacing between the transistors, the Redmi Note 10 did not crash even during heavy games like Fortnite and Genshin Impact.

And in the multitasking test, there was no crash when opening several apps.

Redmi Note 10: battery

Thanks to a 4520 mAh battery, the Redmi Note 10 carries great autonomy!

During gaming tests, it was able to deliver 8 hours of continuous use at medium brightness.

And during daily activities, it takes about 30 hours of intense use to drain the device’s battery, which is a great number!

Camera set:

Main – 48MP, f/1.8, 26mm
Ultra wide angle – 8 Mp, f/2.2, 118°
Macro – 2 MP, f/2.4
Depth – 2 MP, f/2.4

Selfie Camera:

13 MP, f/2.5


4K@30fps, 1080p@30/60fps


LED flash, HDR, panorama

Check out the photos taken with the Redmi Note 10:

Redmi Note 10: is it worth it?

Yes, it is!

Despite being an intermediate smartphone, the Redmi Note 10 has a great set of software and hardware.
Honestly, he surprised us during the tests, because it didn’t crash at any time.

In addition, it brings great autonomy for daily use, or even for games.

And for photography lovers, the device carries good quality cameras, delivering very satisfying photos and videos.

Anyway, the Redmi Note 10 has a very authorial, light and functional design.
So it is worth the cost-benefit!

Redmi Note 10: where to buy?

The Redmi Note 10 is found in the virtual stores below:


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