The QCY T7 TWS Review!

The QCY T7 TWS Review!

QCY T7 is QCY’s new Bluetooth headset alternative to Apple AirPods, which promises to deliver great audio quality, in addition to the high cost benefit.

I recently received a sample of this headset, and today I present to you, the QCY T7 Reviews. From this review, we can define the main positive and negative points to know if the QCY T7 is worth it or not. Check out:

QCY T7: design, construction and battery

QCY T7 Review
QCY T7 Review

In terms of construction, QCY chose a compact and elegant design for the QCY T7. The matte finish is excellent, as it prevents scratches and fingerprints, increasing the longevity of the product.

The QCY T7 brings a charging base with a capacity of 400mA, capable of fully charging the headphones 3 times. In practice, the autonomy is around 4 hours, in the average volume.

On the front, there is a notification LED that changes color according to the battery level. Above, there is a button that controls the pairing of the device.

Inside the base, we find 2 touch-sensitive headphones, with good fixation, comfort and IPX4 protection against water splashes. It is not possible to swim with the QCY T7.

QCY T7: how to pair with the smartphone?

To pair the QCY T7 with the smartphone, it’s pretty easy. Just remove both headphones from the base at the same time, they will sync with each other and will be ready to establish connection with the smartphone.

QCY T7: functions

Like other QCY headsets, the QCY T7 supports the QCY app. Which means that we can modify the functions of the headphones.

For example, we can change the function of pausing and unpausing songs for the function of increasing and reducing volumes.

QCY T7: audio test, microphone test and delay test

In the QCY T7’s audio quality test, I was able to conclude that even without having an in-ear construction, the QCY T7 has good bass, good volume and little audio leakage.

In the QCY T7 microphone test, the audio captured by my computer turned out to be loud and without significant noise or muffling levels. I was satisfied.

Finally, I did a delay test on the QCY T7, to find out whether or not there was audio delay in games. And in that test, I was able to conclude that the QCY T7 had audio delay, but it was subtle. In videos, this delay was imperceptible.

QCY T7: is it worth it?

Considering the amount paid for the headphones, I can conclude that it is worth buying the QCY T7. It’s a comfortable headset with a good microphone and great audio quality. We have above average bass tones for this type of construction. Which made me very satisfied. I can say that it is one of the best headphones in this category and price range.

Where to buy?

The QCY T7 is found in the Chinese online stores below: