The QCY T6 headset TWS Review!

The QCY T6 headset TWS Review!

The QCY T6 is the newest Bluetooth sports headset from QCY and promises a rich and immersive experience, whether in audio or in the execution of sports training.

Today, I present to you the QCY T6 review that I had the opportunity to test and define the main positive and negative points, to help anyone interested in this type of headset. Check out:

QCY T6: design, construction and battery

QCY T6 Review
QCY T6 Review

The QCY T6 brings a giant base, which makes great volume in the pants pocket. Which is not very pleasant. Fortunately, the base has a matte finish, which prevents scratches and fingerprints.

The base has micro-usb 2.0 type charging. Which is bad, as this connection does not allow faster charging, such as USB Type-C. The capacity is 600mAh.

On the front, there is a notification LED that lights up during charging and, depending on the battery level, changes color, giving us an idea of ​​the percentage of this battery.

Inside the base, we find 2 touch sensitive headphones, which are built from a strap that fits the ear and ensures greater fixation and safety during training.

QCY T6: how to pair with the smartphone?

The QCY T6 can be connected directly to the smartphone’s Bluetooth list or from the QCY App. Regardless of the form, remove both headphones at the same time, to avoid the mono connection.

When removed from the base, the left earphone will flash intermittently between the green and red LEDs, signaling that it is ready to establish a connection.

If you are pairing through the App, the headphones will be identified as soon as they are removed from the base. Then just follow the guidelines.

QCY T6: functions

The QCY T6 is quite complete. You can pause / unpause songs, increase / decrease volumes, move / rewind songs, answer / reject calls and even access the smartphone’s virtual assistant.

In the App, it is possible to define and exchange functions of touch sensitivity. That is, you can set the headphones to increase the volume with 2 or 3 rings, depending on your preference. Which is great.

QCY T6: audio test, microphone test and delay test

In the QCY T6 audio test, I was very satisfied. The headphones had powerful bass, high and clear volume level and good sound insulation.

Then, I did the microphone test for the QCY T6. And the audio captured by my computer turned out to be loud, noiseless and with a low level of muffling. I was satisfied.

Finally, I did the game delay test for the QCY T6. And in this test, the QCY T6 surprised me and showed no considerable audio lag in games. If so, it’s very subtle.

QCY T6: is it worth it?

Yes! I can say with all certainty that the QCY T6 is worth the price paid for it. In fact, it is one of the best cost-effective headphones I tested this year.

Where to buy?

The QCY T6 is found in the Chinese online stores below: