The QCY T12: Review

The QCY T12: Review

And the brand new QCY T12 has just arrived in our studio!
This QCY earphone promises to be the newest option for Apple Airpods.

Want to know more about this possible alternative? Find out how it did in our audio, mic and delay test!

QCY T12: design, construction and battery

The first detail that calls attention to the QCY T12 is the fact that it doesn’t bring a charger, which seems to be becoming a trend.

Another difference is the fact that the charging base has an open design, quite different from what we usually see. But don’t worry… the earphones don’t fall off it!

In addition, it has a charging base with a shiny finish, which makes it very elegant, but not very durable. After all, the glossy finish is more prone to scratches and marks on the surface.

With a minimalist proposal, the base has only one LED on the front to inform the battery status. The loading of this base is done by USB Type-C, being a very fast one.
This type of charging benefits those with an intelligent charger.

Regarding autonomy, the earphones can play about 4 hours of continuous music, being within the average of compact earphones.

The QCY T12 also has IPX4 protection against water. This is not a very advanced protection, not protecting it if they fall into the water, but it guarantees coverage in case of splashing on the earphones.

QCY T12: how to pair with the smartphone?

QCY tends to bring, in the latest models, a very easy pairing.

To pair the earphones, you only need to remove it from the base. Once removed, it´s already visible in the bluetooth list and just confirm the connection.

QCY T12: functions

The QCY T12 has a touch sensitivity button for functions.

With it, we can answer/refuse calls and access the virtual assistant. In addition, we were able to play/rewind/pause/unpause songs.

The volume increase and decrease function can also be configured in the app.

The only observation is that on some smartphones the app appears in Chinese characters, which can make it difficult to configure some functions.

QCY T12: audio, delay and microphone test

Although it is not an in-ear construction, the earphones have shown an excellent grip and have not fallen or become loose.

In the audio quality test the QCY T12 surprised by showing good bass, even with this type of construction.
The earphone does not pop the bass that, although it is more prominent, do not hide the other tones.

It has a good stereo effect and a great volume level!

In the delay test, the QCY T12 showed no audio delay with the Gamer Mode enabled!
This was a great result, as it was tested on a very basic intermediate smartphone, which usually has a delay.

In the microphone test the QCY T12 revealed to have clean audio, with reasonable volume, without noise or too much muffling. Although not the best of QCY, this set makes it a good earphone for those who need to do videoconferencing.

QCY T12: is it worth it?

If you are looking for an alternative with a great cost-benefit, I believe you will like the QCY T12!

It features a totally different design and a great stereo sound that will please those who listen to the most different musical styles.

In addition, there is no delay even on intermediate smartphones.

The microphone is clean and has a good volume, so it can be used even in videoconferences.

Where to buy?

The QCY T12 is found in the online stores below:

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