The new Soundpeats True Air 2 Review!

The new Soundpeats True Air 2 Review!

Soundpeats True Air 2 was a worldwide hit, so you can’t miss the upgrade to this stunningly colored earphone!

The new True Air 2 ensures that it has maintained its excellent sound quality, but promises stability and microphone improvements. Will be?

Learn all about this True Air 2 update in our full review:

True Air 2: design, construction and battery

The new version of the True Air 2 has the same elegant design as the previous model, but features super cheerful colors as its differential.

It has a compact charging base that features a battery notification LED and also has a USB Type-C input for faster charging.

In addition, this base has a great matte finish that ensures greater durability to the earphone.

True Air 2 earphones have a semi-in-ear head that resembles Apple AirPods. However, it has a special angle to better fit the ears, which can help gain bass.

Like the previous version, the upgrade brings ipx4 protection against splashing water and achieves 5 hours of continuous music playback.

Last but not least, this update brings three new colors: elegant white, a charming shade of pink and versatile sea-green.

It’s worth noting that these were probably the most beautiful earphones we’ve seen here on the channel!

True Air 2: Fixation

Despite not having rubber, the True Air 2 is a very comfortable earphone and has a good fit!

During previous tests it did not fall out, even during the most abrupt movements.

That’s why it’s great for long-term use and can even be used for physical exercise!

True Air 2: how to pair with smartphone?

To pair the True Air 2, simply open the base and remove both earphones at the same time. So they connect and are available in the Bluetooth list.

True Air 2: audio test, microphone test and delay test

The new True Air 2 version also supports Codec aptX. So, if your smartphone is compatible, you will have a very studio-like music quality.

And Soundpeats has proven that it keeps its word when it has maintained its excellent quality.

True Air 2 delivers an immersive audio that is very similar to rubber earbuds.
It creates an incredible stereo effect because it has very well defined tones and super powerful bass.

In fact, the only sound difference from this version is its volume level. Despite always having a very high volume, it seems that the upgrade increased this power even more.

This volume boost is great for those who like loud music as it doesn’t blow out any of the tones when it’s on full, but we didn’t think it was necessary.

In our delay test, we were anxious to see if there was an improvement in Bluetooth stability. After all, the previous version had a slight delay on input smartphones.

And we are pleased to announce that it has really evolved in this regard!

The new True Air 2 can be used on any smartphone, as it won’t have any delay, not even in FPS game!

Finally, we did a microphone test to see if there was also any improvement in relation to the slight muffling that the earphone had.

Luckily, this version kept the microphones at a good volume level, as well as solving the muffling issue!

This isn’t a perfect mic yet, as it has some hiss and little noise, but it’s one of the best mics we’ve seen in earphones without rubbers.

So you can use it for calls, games and even video conferences!

True Air 2: is it worth it?

Of course!

The True Air 2 was already one of the best earphones without rubbers on the market, and it got even better after this upgrade.

In addition to simply stunning colors, the new version also made a huge improvement in hardware and microphones.

Now, you can enjoy your FPS games without any delay at any smartphone level. And as a bonus, you’ll even have an excellent microphone for any conversation!

Anyway, what was good got even better!

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