The Mi True Earbuds Basic 2S Review!

The Mi True Earbuds Basic 2S Review!

Mi True Earbuds Basic 2S, the new Bluetooth earphone from Xiaomi that has a compact construction, but a huge name!

Do we have a good cost-benefit ratio here?

Find out all about the unpronounceable Mi True Earbuds Basic 2S:

Earbuds Basic 2S: design, construction and battery

With a proposal to be a compact earphone, the Basic 2S presents a very small and beautiful charging base.

Its finish is in matte black, which adds more longevity to the product, as it is less prone to scratches and marks.

Basic 2S is charged via a Type-C USB port. It is a type of charging very fast, especially for those who use a smart charger.

About the earphones, they have a very compact “bean” type construction, which is great for adhering to the ear canal.

In addition, it comes with a glossy finish on the “head” part, and has a matte finish on the rest of the body.

These details make them very elegant earphones, but without losing longevity.

The Basic 2S has a 4hrs autonomy to play continuous music, at medium volume. What we can consider an excellent autonomy, in view of its compact construction.

Despite the large investment in design, the earphone has a simpler water resistance protection, the Ipx4 . Therefore, they are protected, but only in cases of splashing water.

Earbuds Basic 2S: how to pair with the smartphone?

To pair the Basic 2S, just open the charging base!

Once opened, the earphones connect to each other and are already available in the Bluetooth list.
So, just confirm the connection.

Earbuds Basic 2S: fixation

Thanks to their “bean” shape, the earphones have an excellent adhesion to the ear canal.

They stick very well and don’t fall out of the ears even with more sudden movements.

Despite being very fixed, it is an extremely comfortable earphone.

Earbuds Basic 2S: functions

The Basic 2S has a very responsive touch sensitivity.

Unfortunately, it does not have the function of increasing and reducing the volume on the earphones, which is really a shame.

To compensate, it carries an artificial intelligence that pauses the music when it is removed from the ear. If replaced within 15s, the music starts again.


1 tap: pause/unpause
2 taps: virtual assistant
3 taps left: Gamer mode

Earbuds Basic 2S: audio test, microphone test and delay test

About sound quality, the Basic 2S surprised by having a high volume and a great stereo effect!

It is really a great evolution in Xiaomi earphones, as it presents great bass and very balanced tones, even at maximum volume.

To do the delay test, I activated the Gamer mode which promises low latency.

In the first test, it showed no sound delay when tested on an advanced intermediate smartphone, the Pixel 4a.

But, to see if it covers all audiences, we also tested it on a entry smartphone , the Galaxy A01.

And again we were surprised by the Basic 2S, because didn’t presented any delays even on a very basic smartphone!

To find out if we have a full earphone, we did the long-awaited microphone test.

The microphone showed to have a good volume level for those who intend to use it for games.

Unfortunately, the sound has some muffling and few noises, so it is not ideal for professional use, but it can be used for video lessons.

Earbuds Basic 2S: is it worth it?

Yes, it is worth it!

Although Xiaomi disappointed us because, again, it didn’t include many functions on the earphone, we have a great sound evolution here.

The earphone has a great sound quality, with good bass and very well defined tones, even at maximum volume.

Therefore, it pleases even those who like loud music.

Its Gamer mode is very efficient, as it showed no delay even on a very basic smartphone, which is great!

The microphone is not that good …

It has a good volume, but has a little muffling and some hissing. However, it does serve for calls, video lessons and even for games.

So, even though it is not perfect, I believe it is a good investment.

Where to buy?

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