The Lenovo QT83 Review!

The Lenovo QT83 Review!

Lenovo’s newest launch is a headset inspired by the Apple AirPods, the Lenovo QT83. Recently, I received a sample of this Bluetooth headset and today, I present to you the main positive and negative points of the Lenovo QT83. Check out:

Lenovo QT83: design, construction and battery

Lenovo QT83 Review!
Lenovo QT83 Review!

As said, the Lenovo QT83 features a design inspired by the Apple AirPods. Therefore, we have a loader base with rounded corners and a shiny finish. Although beautiful, this finish is more prone to scratches and fingerprints.

Inside the charging base, we find 2 touch-sensitive headphones with a glossy finish. Officially, the Lenovo QT83 has no protection for water resistance. Which is disappointing.

On the front, there are 3 notification LEDs that inform the battery level: an autonomy that can reach 6 hours of continuous music playback. At the bottom of the base, there is a USB-C connector for quick charging.

Lenovo QT83: how to pair with smartphone?

Connecting to your smartphone is easy, just open the charging base of the Lenovo QT83 and run a scan of the phone’s Bluetooth list. Once located, simply confirm and grant the permissions for the pairing to be completed.

Lenovo QT83: functions

Fortunately, the Lenovo QT83 brings all the functions we need for day-to-day use: answering and rejecting calls, moving music back and forth, increasing and lowering volumes and accessing the virtual assistant.

Lenovo QT83: audio test, microphone test and delay test

In the Lenovo QT83 audio quality test, I was disappointed. Lacks bass and when we put the volume at maximum, the headset will burst the tones. Which can make using the headset uncomfortable.

In the Lenovo QT83 microphone test, the audio captured by my computer turned out to be low, muffled and noisy. Clearly the headset will make it difficult to understand speech on calls.

Finally, I did a delay test on the Lenovo QT83 to find out whether or not there was audio delay in games. Fortunately, in that regard I was not disappointed. The Lenovo QT83 has no audio or game delay or video.

Lenovo QT83: is it worth it?

Despite being a complete phone, in terms of functions and does not have a delay, I do not recommend the Lenovo QT83. After all, in addition to bursting the tones, the quality of the microphone is not good. On the market, there are several models for the same price with superior quality. Below are some suggestions and where to buy:

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