The Haylou T19 TWS Review!

The Haylou T19 TWS Review!

Haylou, Xiaomi’s sub-brand, launched yet another headset, the Haylou T19. A Bluetooth headset inspired by Apple AirPods, but with an in-ear construction. And today, I bring you the analysis of this headset that I received and tested recently. Check out:

Haylou T19: design, construction and battery

Haylou T19 Review
Haylou T19 Review

As said, the Haylou T19 features a design inspired by the Apple AirPods. Therefore, we have a white loader base with an intermediate finish, neither matte nor shiny. However, it is less prone to scratches and fingerprints than the Apple AirPods.

Inside the charging base, we find two touch-sensitive headphones with a glossy finish and IPX4 protection for water resistance. The charging base has 600mAh and offers up to 5h of continuous music playback.

On the front, there is a notification LED that informs the battery level: when it reaches 20%, it lights up the red LED indicating that it is necessary to charge. Behind the charging base, there is a false button, which only complements the design. For me, it is unnecessary.

Haylou T19: how to pair with the smartphone?

You can pair Haylou T19 in 2 ways: using the official Haylou app or connecting via the smartphone’s Bluetooth list. Regardless of which option you choose, it is necessary that both sides of the headset are connected to the phone, as each side has its own identification.

Haylou T19: functions

Like the QCY headphones, the Haylou T19 has its own application, capable of exchanging pre-configured functions. However, unfortunately, we cannot add a function for 1 touch and therefore we only have one active function in practice. Which is disappointing.

For example, we cannot activate the function of playing and rewinding songs at the same time that we activate the function of increasing and decreasing volumes. What is a shame! Since both of these functions are indispensable when using Bluetooth headphones.

Haylou T19: audio test, microphone test and delay test

In the Haylou T19’s audio quality test, I had a good surprise. There is a predominance of extremely powerful bass tones and the insulation is very good, delivering an incredible immersive effect. In addition, we have a good level of volume, but it could be higher.

In the Haylou T19’s microphone test, the audio captured by my computer turned out to be loud, clear and without significant noise. I was satisfied. It is one of the best microphone audios tested recently in Bluetooth headsets at this price.

Finally, I did a delay test on the Haylou T19 to find out whether or not there was an audio delay in the games. And luckily, I was able to conclude that Haylou T19 has no audio delay either in games or in videos.

Haylou T19: is it worth it?

Although the Haylou T19 has a higher value compared to the competition, I think the headphones are worth it. After all, we have great audio, a clear, loud microphone and a stable Bluetooth connection with no delay.

However, it is important to say that the headset has failed in terms of functions, since only one function can be activated in practice.

Where to buy?

The Haylou T19 is found in the Chinese online stores below: