The Haylou GT3: Review

The Haylou GT3: Review

The new Haylou has arrived, the Haylou GT3! And this earphone promises to please the cost benefit!

Now learn all about this amazing earphone that was totally inspired by the Apple AirPods Pro:

Haylou GT3: design, construction and battery

The Haylou GT3 comes with a completely compact design for this type of construction. It brings small and very light earphones, which adhere very well to the ear canal and do not fall.

The earphones have a black piano front line. This detail, together with the matte finish, unites elegance and resistance to the product.

Its charging base has a matte black finish, bringing us greater durability since there is less propensity for scratches and fingerprints.

At the front, the base has 3 LEDs that inform us of the battery status.

The autonomy is up to 4 hours of music playback, which is within the average of the standards we have seen, but due to the compact construction, it is justified.

The charging of the base is done by Type-C input, which brings a lot of speed when charging the earphones. Who uses smart charger will benefit from this charging.

The earphones also have a protection for water resistance by IPX4. It is a good protection, withstanding a light rain, but it could be better.

Haylou GT3: how to pair with the smartphone?

Haylou GT3 has a very easy pairing.

As soon as it are removed from the charging base, the earphones already appear on our Bluetooth list for pairing. And then, just confirm the connection.

Haylou GT3: functions

Despite having a very responsive touch sensitivity, the Haylou GT3 does not have the function of increasing and reducing the volume. Haylou usually leaves us in this regard.

Fortunately, we can skip/rewind/pause/unpause songs, answer and decline calls and even access the virtual assistant.

Haylou GT3: audio test, microphone test and delay test

In the audio test, Haylou GT3 delivered a perfect stereo sound, with a good volume level, great bass and very well defined tones.

The bass is more prominent, but all other tones are present, making it possible to listen to the musical instruments separately.

In the microphone test, which promised to be the differential of the model, the audio of the Haylou GT3 proved to be far superior.

Bringing more advanced noise cancellation, the audio captured by the computer was clean, without interference, drowsiness or hissing.

Despite a great quality, I didn’t notice much difference from him to the Haylou GT5 in that regard.

In the surprising delay test, the Haylou GT3 showed no audio delay, even though it was tested on a basic intermediate smartphone, the Poco M3. In this type of smartphone it is common to have delay, but it did not happen.

So, we had a great test result!

Haylou GT3: is it worth it?

Yea! Even though he didn’t notice much difference from it´s microphone to the GT5, the model has a great noise cancellation.

It´s also revealed no delays even on the most basic smartphones. In addition, the Haylou GT3 has a great stereo sound that will please music lovers!

I advise the earphone to anyone who wants a clean sound with good volume, even, to be used in video conferences.

Where to buy?

The Haylou GT3 is found in the online stores below:

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