The Haylou GT2S Review!

The Haylou GT2S Review!

Haylou GT2S is the newest headset from Haylou that promises quality audio and good value for money. Recently, I received a sample of this headset and below you will know the main strengths and weaknesses. Get ready!

Haylou GT2S: design, construction and battery

The Haylou GT2S comes with a compact charging base, with a good quality matte finish, which makes the headphones less prone to scratches and fingerprints, which is great. Since it increases the longevity of the product.

The charging base is capable of charging the headphones about 3x. The autonomy provided by the headphones is up to 4 hours of music playback. Could be better.

Inside the base, we find two headphones with manual buttons and compact design, which look like a bean. Which makes the headset suitable even for children.

There is no official information on whether or not there is water resistance on the headphones.

Haylou GT2S: how to pair with the smartphone?

To pair the Haylou GT2S, it’s easy. Just open the charging base and remove the headphones at the same time that both will synchronize with each other. Then, simply search for the headphones on the smartphone’s Bluetooth list to establish a connection.

Haylou GT2S: functions

Unfortunately, the Haylou GT2S does not have all the most desired functions. We can play / rewind / pause / unpause songs, answer and refuse calls and even access the virtual assistant. However, it is not possible to increase or decrease the volume.

Haylou GT2S: audio test, microphone test and delay test

In the audio test of the Haylou GT2S, I could see that the headset has well-defined tones, which reveals a great stereo quality. When you turn the volume to maximum, the tones don’t pop, which is great. I liked it, it has great audio quality!

In the microphone test, the Haylou GT2S audio captured by my computer revealed to have a good volume level, but the audio is a little muffled and with some noise. Could be better.

In the delay test, Haylou GT2S showed no audio delay. That is, the sound feedback is automatic. However, if the smartphone is more basic, there may be some subtle delay.

Haylou GT2S: is it worth it?

I think the Haylou GT2S is worth it. After all, the headset delivers great audio quality, with good bass and volume and very well defined secondary tones, in addition to having an attractive price in relation to the competition.

Where to buy?

Haylou GT2S is found in the online stores below: