The Edifier TWS200 Review!

The Edifier TWS200 Review!

The Edifier TWS200 is a Bluetooth headset similar to Apple AirPods, which features Qualcomm’s aptX technology, capable of offering superior audio quality on compatible smartphones.

Recently, I received a sample of this headset, and today I present to you the Edifier TWS200 review. From this, we can define the main positive and negative points to know if the Edifier TWS200 is worth it or not. Check out:

Edifier TWS200: design, construction and battery

Edifier TWS200 Review
Edifier TWS200 Review

The Edifier TWS200 brings a charging base with a compact and elegant glossy finish, but which is unfortunately more prone to scratches and fingerprints.

The charging base is capable of offering 18 hours of music playback and has a micro-USB 2.0 connection. Which is a shame, as this connection does not allow faster charging, such as USB Type-C.

Behind the base, we find a button that controls the pairing of the headphones. At the bottom, there is a notification LED that informs the battery charge.

Inside the base, we find 2 touch sensitive headphones, with good fixation and comfort, and with IPX4 protection for water splashes.

Edifier TWS200: how to pair with smartphone?

Unlike other headsets, the Edifier TWS200 requires some processes to connect to the smartphone. I particularly found it complicated and unnecessary.

First, you must open the base cover and then press this button for 3 seconds, until the lights inside the base flash intermittently on the white and red LEDs.

Now press the button on the base 2 times so that the headphones go into stereo mode. If all goes well, an LED inside the base will flash 2 times. This LED will signal white.

If it doesn’t work, press the button on the base for 8 seconds to reset the headphones. A white LED inside the base will flash 6 times, confirming that the headphones have been reset. Then, repeat the processes again.

Edifier TWS200: functions

When testing the functions of the Edifier TWS200, I was very disappointed. Headphones do not offer functions to move and rewind music or to increase and decrease the volume level.

Considering the amount charged for these headphones, I expected a more complete product, with regard to functions.

Edifier TWS200: audio test, microphone test and delay test

In the audio test of the Edifier TWS200, I could see that the headphones have a predominance of high tones, in addition to very high volume, which when it is at maximum, becomes high-pitched.

That said, I was able to conclude that Edifier TWS200 headphones will appeal to people who like headphones with a high pitched tone.

Then, I did a microphone test on the Edifier TWS200, and the audio captured by my computer turned out to be loud, with no significant noise level and no muffling. I was satisfied.

Finally, I did the game delay test for the Edifier TWS200. And in that test, unfortunately, the headphones revealed significant audio delay. Which left me disappointed.

Edifier TWS200: is it worth it?

Considering the amount paid for the headphones, I expected more. The lack of functions and the audio delay bothered me a lot. However, if you like headphones with a predominance of high tones, the Edifier TWS200 is one of the best options I’ve tested.

Where to buy?

The Edifier TWS200 is found in the Chinese online stores below: