The Awei T36 Review!

The Awei T36 Review!

If you are looking for a simple earphone that is cheap, you need to know the Awei T36!

Awei’s new release has the proposal to be an accessible earphone for all audiences, but will it please everyone?

Check now all the positives and negatives of this Bluetooth earphone:

Awei T36: design, construction and battery

We open this analysis talking about the high point of this earphone, its cost!

The Awei T36 can be purchased for less than U$15.00, which means it costs half the price of the cheapest Bluetooth earphones on the market.

And let’s talk about design!
The T36 arrives showing its proposal with a very simple and compact design that facilitates transport.

The charging base has a very clean construction and has an elegant glossy finish. Unfortunately, despite being prettier, this finish is more prone to scratches and marks.

In addition, the base also features a battery notification LED and has a Type-C USB port for more efficient charging.

The T36’s earphones, on the other hand, feature a compact design and a head without rubber that is directed to the ear canal, which can influence bass gain.

They have an elongated body that is capable of storing 5 hours of continuous music playback.
This is great autonomy considering the size and value of these earphones!

They are very stylish earphones that have ipx4 protection against splashing water and moisture.

Awei T36: fixation

Another surprise of the T36 was the comfort and good grip offered by this small earphone.

It was super well molded and did very well in our fixation test as it didn’t fall off during the roughest movements!

Awei T36: how to pair with smartphone?

Pairing the T36 is made easy as it has simultaneous connection, which we didn’t expect!

This means that they work independently, so you can only use one earphone.

To pair, just remove the two earphones from the base and they connect to each other and are available in the Bluetooth list. So, just confirm connection!

Awei T36: functions

– 1 tap: pause/unpause
– 2 taps right: skip music
– 2 taps left: back music
– press 2 seconds right: + volume
– press 2 seconds left: – volume

Functions during call

– 1 tap: answer
– press 1 second: hang up
– press 2 seconds: ignore

Awei T36: audio test, microphone test and delay test

To talk about sound quality, we need to remember that the T36 is a earphone without a rubber. So, we can’t expect it to have very immersive quality and very powerful bass, right?

In our sound quality test, the Awei T36 had a great volume level and very well-defined tones. However, the high tones are more prominent and this may not suit everyone.

Because of this, if we’re at full volume and the music has a thinner vocal, the sound can get shrill and upset the ears.

So if you like loud music and lower tones, it might not be a good idea.

Now let’s talk about delay because this little earphone has a 5.1 Bluetooth!

During testing on an entry-level smartphone, the T36 exhibited a delay so subtle that it was only noticed during a sequence of shots.

In other words, if your smartphone is an advanced intermediate, it won’t present any delay.

Oh, it doesn’t have video delay on any smartphone!

And we ended our tests with the microphone test and we were again surprised!

The Awei T36 delivered audio with a good volume level and very little interference.

It’s not the perfect mic, but it leaves a lot of expensive earphones behind. So, this is a simple microphone, but it can be used even in video conferences!

Awei T36: is it worth it?

This is great value for money!

If you prefer to listen to music at a quieter volume, or are a lover of high tones like in electronic music, this earphone can be a great discovery.

The T36 features a compact design that features comfortable earphones and a good 5-hour battery life.

Besides, you will only notice delay if you have a smartphone with very simple hardware, and only in some types of games.

Finally, it surpassed many more expensive earphones in terms of microphones!

Where to buy?

The Awei T36 is found in the online stores below:

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