The Awei T19 TWS Review!

The Awei T19 TWS Review!

Awei is a rising Chinese company, known mainly for its Bluetooth headsets. And like any good Chinese company, also for its high cost benefit.

After contacting me, the company sent a sample of the newest release: Awei T19. And today, after some tests, I can tell you if the Awei T19 is worth it or not. Check out:

Awei T19: design, construction and battery

Awei T19 Review
Awei T19 Review

The Awei T19 brings a modern and elegant design, with a finish mixed in matte paint and glossy black. The construction appears to be of excellent quality.

It is a flattened construction, which allows you to carry the headset without creating too much volume in the pants. At the bottom, there is a charging port, with micro-USB 2.0 connection and a USB port.

This USB port allows you to charge other gadgets, as this charging base is also a Power Bank, with a capacity of 2500 mAh.

Opening the base, we find two compact Bluetooth headsets, with touch sensitivity and in-ear construction. Both the base and the headphones have a magnetic feature.

The autonomy of the headphones is 5 hours of continuous music playback, at medium volume. The headphones have a Bluetooth 5.0 connection and the maximum distance supported is 10 meters.

Awei T19: How to pair with the smartphone?

On the Awei T19, pairing is automatic. This means that when we remove the headphones from the base, both are already connected to each other and are already in pairing mode.

Then, just open the smartphone’s Bluetooth list, find the Awei T19 and start pairing. After this process, the headphones will be ready for use.

Awei T19: functions

The Awei T19 has the functions to: increase and decrease volumes, pause and unpause songs, pass and rewind songs, answer and refuse calls and control the virtual assistant.

The volume control function is independent. This means that you cannot control the volume of the smartphone, but only the volume of the headphones.

The downside of this, is that every time I turned on the headphones again, I had to increase the volume, as the headphones started at medium volume.

Awei T19: audio test, microphone test and delay test

When testing the audio of the Awei T19, I had a good surprise. The headphones have great sound insulation and this allows an immersive experience, where the bass is more present. It’s great audio.

Then, I did a microphone test and recorded the audio captured by Awei headphones on my computer. In this test, the headphones showed to be a little low and muffled volume, however they did not present substantial noise and hiss.

In the delay test, when playing a game of Call of Duty, the Awei T19 phone did not present audio delay. If so, it was almost imperceptible.

Awei T19: is it worth it?

Considering the price, the construction and the tests carried out, the Awei T19 presented a good cost-benefit ratio. The only caveat here, is that the headphones have more present bass. That is, those who do not like bass very much may not like the headphones so much.

Where to buy?

The Awei T19 is found in the Chinese online stores below: