The Anker PowerCast M300 Review!

The Anker PowerCast M300 Review!

If you’re looking for a small, inexpensive, high-quality USB microphone, it’s time to check out the brand new Anker PowerCast M300.

Anker’s newest bet promises to be the best cost-benefit table microphone on the market, as it only costs U$60.

But does it really offer good quality for so little?
Find out in our full review:

Anker PowerCast M300: design and construction

The Anker PowerCast M300 has a great construction that mixes metal and plastic, and still brings a metallic finish that leaves the surface more uniform and elegant.

This is a super malleable microphone that can be placed in any position, as its base rotates 360° and the microphone can be positioned at a 180° angle.

And to ensure more versatility, the Anker PowerCast M300 features a P2 connection for headphones and a USB Type-C input that allows connection to multiple devices.

Plus, it has an RGB LED on the bottom that gives a more gamer look to the piece, and thanks to the selection button, we can still choose between 23 colors for this LED.

But the LED that is in the middle of the body only changes color when we mute the microphone, which can be done through the button on the side, the same that controls the volume of the headphones.

Anker PowerCast M300: Audio and Delay Test

The Anker PowerCast M300 promises crystal-clear audio and high sound sensitivity thanks to a powerful 16mm condenser with 24-bit depth and 96kHz sampling rate.

And during our comparison with the Sony ECM-CS3 microphone, it delivered crystal clear audio, with an excellent volume level and zero interference.

In fact, the Anker PowerCast M300 didn’t make any noise even when we got too close to the microphone, which is quite common.

And since Anker proposes using headphones directly on the microphone, we also put the delay to the test, and once again we were positively surprised.

During this test, the Anker PowerCast M300 delivered fully synced audio, with great volume and zero mufflers.

Anker PowerCast M300: is it worth it?

Of course!

I doubt you can buy a microphone as good as the Anker PowerCast M300 for less than twice its price.

This is an inexpensive and versatile USB microphone that delivers excellent audio quality, in addition to having super synchronized feedback in the headphones.

That is, the Anker PowerCast M300 seems to be a great choice for influencers and gamers.

Anker PowerCast M300: where to buy?

The Anker PowerCast M300 can be purchased at the best price in the online stores below:

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