The Blitzwolf AirAux AA-UM6 TWS Review!

The Blitzwolf AirAux AA-UM6 TWS Review!

AirAux is a subsidiary brand of Blitzwolf, which was created with a focus on high-quality Bluetooth audio headphones, aiming for a superior and immersive audio experience.

Today, I present to you the AirAux AA-UM6, the newest launch of the brand that I had the opportunity to test and make a brief analysis with the main positive and negative points. Check out:

AirAux AA-UM6: design, construction and battery

The AA-UM6 brings a modern and elegant design, with a matte finish, which prevents scratches and marks of use. And despite being large, the charging base is not a Power Bank and has only 600mAh of capacity.

Inside the base, we found two headphones with a different finish. In fact, the AA-UM6 looks like gamers headphones, thanks to the different LEDs and designs. The finish is matte and they are sensitive to touch.

Inside the base, we have a battery charge notification LED, which is great. And at the bottom, there is a charging port via USB-C for faster charging.

Bluetooth headphones have a capacity of 40mAh each and are capable of playing music continuously, for up to 4 hours, at average volume.

AirAux AA-UM6: how to pair with the smartphone?

In AA-UM6, the pairing process is a little different. First of all, you need to open the charging base and wait for the two headphones to synchronize. This happens when the LEDs start to flash slowly.

Once this is done, you can now remove both headphones from the charging base and search for them on the smartphone’s Bluetooth list. To pair in mono mode, follow the instructions in the manual.

AirAux AA-UM6: functions

The AA-UM6 has many functions. You can check all of them in the manual, because what really matters to us is talking about how they work. That no, it’s not perfect.

As it is a touch sensitive headset, you can already expect problems, if you are not very precise in performing the functions.

That said, I was often irritated, because the headset activated one function instead of another. In fact, the sensitivity of this headset is very accurate.

Therefore, it is necessary that you make very precise movements and at a certain point in the body of the headset. Otherwise, exercise patience. You will need it!

AirAux AA-UM6: audio test, microphone test and delay test

When testing the AA-UM6’s audio, I was very pleased. Like all Blitzwolf headphones, the bass was very present and very powerful. Sound insulation was really effective and delivered the effect of immersion.

Then, I did the microphone test for the AA-UM6. And the audio captured by my computer turned out to be a little muffled, but without any substantial noise and with a good volume level.

Finally, I did the game delay test for the AA-UM6. And in this test, unfortunately, it was clear that this Bluetooth headset has audio delay in games. What disappointed me.

AirAux AA-UM6: is it worth it?

Considering the amount paid for the AirAux AA-UM6, I can say that it disappointed me a little. To be clear, I really liked the audio quality, the microphone and the construction.

However, I hoped that the headset would not delay games, as other Blitzwolf headsets already have a technology that prevents audio delay.

Therefore, if the price of the headset drops in price, it can be considered a good option. However, you need to enjoy audio with more bass and can not buy the headset with the main purpose of playing.

Where to buy?

The AirAux AA-UM6 is found in the Chinese online stores below: