The AirAux AA-UM4 TWS Review!

The AirAux AA-UM4 TWS Review!

AirAux is a sub-brand of Blitzwolf, focused on superior audio quality. Recently, the brand launched yet another headset, the AirAux AA-UM4. A compact Bluetooth headset with in-ear construction. And today, I bring you the analysis of this headset that I received and had the pleasure of testing. Check out:

AirAux AA-UM4: design, construction and battery

AirAux AA-UM4 Review
AirAux AA-UM4 Review

The AirAux AA-UM4 features a compact and easy to move charging base. The matte finish ensures greater longevity as it is less prone to scratches and fingerprints.

Inside the charging base, we find 2 touch-sensitive headphones with a glossy finish and IPX5 protection for water resistance. Which is great, as it is a more advanced protection, resistant to stronger rains.

AirAux AA-UM4: how to pair with the smartphone?

Pairing the AirAux AA-UM4 is easy, just open the charging base, remove the headphones at the same time that the headphones will go into pairing mode. Then, just enter the smartphone’s Bluetooth list and establish a connection.

AirAux AA-UM4: functions

The AirAux AA-UM4 is a complete headset and brings all the functions necessary for day-to-day use. We can pause and unpause songs, move and rewind songs, and even increase and decrease volumes.

AirAux AA-UM4: audio test, microphone test and delay test

In the AirAux AA-UM4’s audio quality test, I had a good surprise. The audio is excellent, with a predominance of low tones. The insulation is good and so is the immersion effect, thanks to the in-ear construction. However, it could be a little louder.

In the microphone test, the audio from the AirAux AA-UM4 captured by my computer proved to be reasonable. A little noise is perceived in the recording. In addition, the audio volume could be louder.

In the audio delay test, I am happy to say that the AirAux AA-UM4 has no delay even in games or in videos.

AirAux AA-UM4: is it worth it?

Based on the value, I conclude that the AirAux AA-UM4 is worth it. After all, we have a complete headset in terms of functions and with good audio quality and Bluetooth connection. However, if you are looking for a headset for video calls, the AirAux AA-UM4 would not be the best option.

Where to buy?

The AirAux AA-UM4 is found in the Chinese online stores below: