10 tips and tricks to do on your Xiaomi smartphone

10 tips and tricks to do on your Xiaomi smartphone

Xiaomi smartphones are increasingly popular thanks to their high technology and fair price.

This Chinese giant has no less than four smartphone lines (Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco and Black Shark) that have in common the innovative MIUI, an operating system based on Android, but which brings a series of exclusive features.

And since most users are unaware of these features, today we are going to go to the 10 tips and tricks that only your Xiaomi can do. Check out:

Some older versions of MIUI may not have all features available.

Second space

We open our list with a special trick from Xiaomi for those who want to have more privacy and security on their smartphone, the second space.

In the Security app that is already installed on MIUI, you can configure the Second space so that someone else can use the device without having access to your data.

And the difference here is that you can register another fingerprint in your alternative space. So you can unlock your device with the “wrong finger” and prevent others from having access to your photos, files and apps.

Lock app with password

Another practical way to have more privacy on your smartphone is to lock applications with a password.

To do this, simply click on Settings –> Apps –> Application blocking. Through this feature you can enable a password or fingerprint to lock the applications you choose.

Privacy Protection

And while we’re on the subject of privacy, I bet you’re terrified of someone accessing your camera remotely, aren’t you?

Unfortunately, this is possible, especially if you often download apps or play online games.

But calm down! The new versions of MIUI bring a protection feature that notifies you when your camera, microphone or location is active, through a green light that lights up in the corner of the screen.

To activate this feature, just go to Settings –> Privacy Protection –> Privacy –> Receive notifications about app behavior

Memory Extension

Have you ever thought about improving your smartphone memory without having to erase data or buy a card?

On MIUI this is possible thanks to the Memory Extension found in the device settings.
To access, just go to Settings –> Additional Settings –> Memory Extension

Thus, the smartphone will convert storage into RAM, and you will have between 1GB and 2GB more to make the most of the performance of your Xiaomi.

Remove Ads

If there’s something that takes up memory and bothers a lot of people, it’s app ads.

And if you are one of the users who is bothered by this, know that Xiaomi has created an option that allows you to exclude ads in standard apps on the device, and even in some downloaded apps.

To do this, just access the application, go to Settings –> Advanced Settings –> disable Show ads

File Transfer

Remember the time when we needed a cable to transfer files to the computer?
That’s behind us thanks to MIUI’s easy remote access!

Accessing Files –> Options (three dots) –> FTP, MIUI will create an IP address that allows remote access to your Xiaomi. That is, just paste the address into the browser to access all the files on your smartphone.

Duplicate Application

If you have two profiles on social networks and hate to switch accounts, or want to use two WhatsApp simultaneously, the Duplicate app function can be very useful!

Downloading two identical apps is impossible, but MIUI allows you to duplicate any app on your device. To do this, just go to Settings –> Apps –> Dual Apps.

And then, just choose the app you’d like to duplicate.

Universal Remote Control

Lost your TV remote or are you too lazy to get it? No problem!

Xiaomi cell phones have an application capable of controlling air conditioners, TVs, projectors and smart boxes through the device’s infrared sensor, the Mi Remote.

To use it, just open the application and select the type of equipment and brand.

Game Turbo

If you have a Xiaomi and you still don’t know Game Turbo, it’s time to test it!

This feature created especially for the gamer audience brings several functions, such as video recording during games, notification blocker, data control and brightness adjustment.

In addition, it has very cool tricks, such as changing the voice during the game.

To access Gamer Turbo while playing, simply pull the screen to the right. And to use the voice changer trick, just go into Settings –> Voice changer


Not everyone has a scanner at home, but with a Xiaomi smartphone this is no problem!

Newer versions of MIUI have a camera feature that recognizes texts and turns them into documents automatically.

That’s right, if you have a printed document and need to send it via email, just take a photo and edit everything you need in the cell phone camera application.

Believe me, no one will know that the document was not scanned!


Test Beta Versions

Like every major manufacturer, Xiaomi likes to know the opinion of its users, so it releases Beta versions to be tested by those who are interested in knowing the new version of the OS before everyone else.

And how can you be one of those lucky ones? Just tell Xiaomi that you want to test it by clicking Settings –> About phone –> MIUI version –> Click 3 times on the MIUI logo –> Options (three dots) –> Update Configuration –> Get updates early