Top 5 Cosplay Costumes for Women from AliExpress

Top 5 Cosplay Costumes for Women from AliExpress

Cosplay is a hobby that gains more supporters every day.

Whether it’s an anime, manga or a series, dressing up as your favorite character is a way of life.

That’s why we’ve created a list of AliExpress’ best-selling female cosplays. Check out:

Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

We opened our list with an anime that is making the biggest success around the world!

Kimetsu cosplay has a variety of 8 robes for you to choose which Demon Slayer will be.

Also, you can buy the complete Nezuko and Shinobu Kocho costume!

Buyers describe this cosplay as being of high quality. It’s got beautiful colors, great fabric, and perfect stitching, so it’s rated 4.8 on a scale of 5 points!

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Stop it all and come see the sexiest cosplay of all time!

This adaptation of the famous Spider-Man is gaining admirers around the world for drawing attention wherever it pass and still dressing very well.

Also, you can choose between the traditional costume and the “alternative” one!

According to the buyers, this cosplay is very well made, has an amazing fabric and also enhances the body, which ensured the great grade 4.8!

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Chiaki Nanami – Danganronpa 2

Another cosplay that is successful among women is the incredible Chiaki Nanami!

With this beautiful Hope’s Peak Academy uniform you’re sure to draw attention at events.

Plus, you can choose between the complete outfit and the kit that includes a wig and the character’s favorite hair clip!

According to the reviews, this cosplay is high quality and very comfortable, so it got a great 4.8 rating!

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Junko Enoshima – Danganronpa

Yes, this position also belongs to Danganronpa, but it is the turn of the antagonist Junko Enoshima!

This amazing cosplay is successful for its high quality, in addition to attracting many eyes.

You can choose between the complete uniform or the kit with a wig and the famous hair strips!

Junko Enoshima cosplay is described as being a great investment for events or even to rock social media. For being simply impeccable, it got the big 4.8 score!

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Cosplay Maid

And to close our list, we have the cosplay most desired by women!

Maid has already become a classic and gathers more and more fans in the anime world.

This lolita-style cosplay is perfect for any event and will become your ally in many moments!

According to the comments, the cosplay Maid is very well made and has a great fabric, as well as very firm seams. All these qualities, plus the fact that it was very sexy, ensured the great 4.8 rating!

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