How to choose and where to buy Coronavirus masks

How to choose and where to buy Coronavirus masks

That Coronavirus or Covid-19 is a major health problem for humanity, you are tired of knowing. But do you really know how to protect yourself and choose products to prevent the transmission of this virus that is now considered the greatest pandemic of the century?

There are many ways to protect yourself and they are all described on the WHO website , the most reliable site at the moment. I strongly recommend you to read it. That said, you’re here for the masks right? Below, find out the differences between the models and find out where to buy the masks for Coronavirus or Covid-19.

Note: the use of masks is indicated only to prevent transmission.

Ordinary surgical mask

The cheapest mask used for Coronavirus is the common surgical mask. However, it is disposable and does not have complete protection against droplets and liquids. In addition, it can get wet quickly, which reduces the action of the mask.

Mask with elastic filter

This mask is used to protect against pollution. It is more comfortable and resistant than surgical and protects more against liquids. However, it is expensive and makes breathing difficult.

Full coverage mask

This is one of the most popular masks on AliExpress. It is comfortable and covers the nose and mouth. It is indicated to block pollution particles and has the PM 2.5 filter. In addition, it can be reused. However, it is expensive and does not have a respirator.

Mask with respirator

This mask is widely found and has been sold at a high price. It is more complete, has 5 layers of protection and has a respiratory filter, in addition to the PM 2.5 protection. However, like previous masks, it does not completely protect against disease.

N95 Mask

N95 Mask
N95 Mask

This is the mask indicated by health professionals for protection against Coronavirus or Covid-19. This is the only mask that really protects against airborne diseases. The particle blocking efficiency is 95%. It can be washed and reused and brings the same 5 layers of protection. However, it is very expensive.

Where to buy masks for Coronavirus?

As seen above, the masks have differences that guarantee greater or lesser effectiveness. The mask indicated by health professionals is the N95, but this is the most expensive. However, you can buy cheaper Coronavirus masks by clicking here.