What to test on iPhones purchased/received from AliExpress?

What to test on iPhones purchased/received from AliExpress?

If you’ve bought an iPhone from AliExpress and you’re not sure how to know if it’s going to be a problem or not, check out these tips!

Today, we are going to teach you all the tests you need to do once you get an iPhone from AliExpress at home. Following our step-by-step guide, you will hardly have problems with your “new” iPhone.

AliExpress iPhone

First, we need to tell you something that almost no one talks about iPhones bought on AliExpress: they are not new!

That’s right, almost no iPhone sold on AliExpress is new. In fact, most of these devices are refurbished, meaning they left the market for some reason and returned after having one or more parts replaced.

But does that mean I’ll have problems with it? Not exactly.

Many refurbished iPhones have only had the case replaced. Others have had hardware parts replaced with new parts.

Of course, there are reliable stores that only use original parts, or of good origin, and there are those stores that put any part just to sell the device.

Therefore, the first tip we give you is to search a lot about the store where you will buy.

Fortunately, AliExpress shows reviews with photos from the customers themselves, and this is a tool you need to use when checking the store’s credibility.

How to tell if your iPhone is new or refurbished

Some stores refurbish devices so well that they look like they’re brand new.

So, to know if your iPhone is new or used, just look at the model number in About.

If it has an “F” in front of the numbering it is because it is a refurbished model;
If it has an “M,” it’s a store-bought iPhone that only had the screen or battery replaced;
If it has an “N”, it’s a replacement model, and if it has a “P” it’s a customization model.

Having said that, follow our walkthrough to avoid future headaches:

AliExpress iPhone: what to test?


The first thing we need to test when we receive an iPhone from AliExpress is the buttons.

Since they may have changed the Touch ID or the side buttons, you need to test the fingerprint several times, in addition to the power button and volume buttons.


Another tip is to look very closely at the cameras, especially on iPhone 8 and below.

To do this, simply place the cameras against the light to see if there are micro grooves in the lens, as this can influence the quality of the photos.


Another place that we need to check carefully on a used iPhone is the charging port.

It is very important to make sure that it is not oxidized, as this can happen on iPhones that have been used on the coast or even those that have fallen into the water.


By the way, you need to check the speakers as soon as you get your iPhone.

To test, just put on a very loud music and check that there is no hiss or noises. If so, the device may have fallen into water, in which case you should open a dispute.


And speaking of audio, the next item to check is the microphone.

To take the test, just open the Apple microphone app and record an audio. So you can listen to it and find out if the microphone is original or not.


The next thing to do is check that your iPhone’s IMEI is not blocked.

Then, go to About and copy the device’s IMEI. Then, just paste the number on the website recommended by the Federal Government to find out if there are restrictions on it.


We also need to make sure that the device’s GPS is working.

And for that, you will enter the map to see if it shows the exact location.


And since we are testing the antenna, we need to check the functionality of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

So you have to connect to Wi-Fi and connect a Bluetooth device to see if it works.


One of the things that are changed most in refurbished devices is the battery.

So you need to check that the battery has been replaced, which is great when it comes to older devices, and that it has been replaced with a quality one.

For that, you go to Settings -> Battery -> Battery health and they will check that it is 100%.

If it’s 100%, the battery has probably been replaced. And if it’s less than that, you need to see if it doesn’t discharge too fast.


Another item that was probably changed on your iPhone is the screen.

And to find out if your screen has been switched, just go to Brightness and see if the True Tone option is available. Normally, screens that have been switched do not have this option, but there are Hacks.

But if my screen was changed, does it mean that it has no quality? Not really.

There are several tests that we can do to find out if the screen is of good quality, such as seeing if it has been glued well, if there is no light leaking, if it has a good brightness level and a good sensitivity.

And to find out if the touch is working across the entire screen, just use Apple’s Assistive Touch feature and swipe your finger across the entire surface.

And last but not least, hold the screen up to the light to make sure there are no scratches.


Believe it or not, there are some stores that put fake cameras on iPhones. So you need to make sure they all work, especially the selfie one.

So, open the camera app and take several photos by covering and uncovering the lenses to make sure they are all real.

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