What is AliExpress top brands and how to find them?

AliExpress is the largest online variety store in China and has grown since its opening. In the beginning, you could find everything that was a cheap product of questionable quality in AliExpress.

Today, however, AliExpress sells all kinds of products. That is, we still find these cheap products that many people want, but we also find the so-called ‘Top Brands’ of AliExpress. Below, all about AliExpress’s Top Brands.

What are AliExpress’s Top Brands?

Top Brands are stores or sellers that sell original, high-quality products from world-renowned brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Nike, Adidas, Dolce & Gabanna, Ralph Lauren and many others.

This means that the most technological and famous products of today are already on AliExpress and are sold at a more attractive price, since the virtual store has thousands of sellers that compete with each other for the buyer’s click.

Why did AliExpress create Top Brands?

Simple. Due to the large number of counterfeit products, AliExpress started to reward sellers who sell high quality products and this includes original products and famous brands.

How to find a Top Brand on AliExpress?

Finding Top Brand brands and sellers is easy. You need to go to AliExpress website and type ‘Top Brand’ in the search area. Thus, several stores and vendors will be listed. Then, just use the left side menu of categories to find the product you want.

It may be that the website’s algorithm lists normal products. So, before completing your purchase, check out if your product is really a Top Brand. To do this, find a ‘gold medal’ in the seller information, within the product advertisement.

How to identify a Top Brand on AliExpress?

If you do not want to do a specific search, but rather a search by brand or product name, you can identify Top Brands by the ‘top brand √≠con’. In addition, all Top Brands have:
– many followers;
– are an authorized brand or seller;
– have a large number of product advertisements;
– has the highest ratings and reputations;
– has the highest number of sales made.