Tips to buy shoes on the internet properly

All of us as we seek shoes in china sites, for example, we see that they have at least four different numbering corresponding to different regions of the world, right?

Well, but our numbers may not correspond informed in foreign stores. So, we need to buy the number for our numbering. This is the main detail that we should pay attention. Or, we will buy a number of wrong shoe and wont use the shoe and the worst, we will have a loss money depending on the type of shoe.

Because of that, we have prepared a basic conversion table that will help you understand the numbering of different foreign sites and so buy the right shoe. See it:

With this table, we can buy the correct shoe even if the online store does not have the table for the sizes we use in our country because we can compare and choose appropriately. Now, just find the model of ur preference and enjoy the best price.

Other online shops:

Find thousands of shoes models in other foreign shopping sites like:


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It’s the first time you shop in another country?

If you have never made ​​a purchase in China or other countries, then understand the steps in this process by clicking here.

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