Steps to buy from international stores

Buy from China or most of international stores, like AliExpress and Amazon is much easier than it looks and also very safe, we just need to follow some basic rules to avoid future problems, choosing reliable shops, plus trust vendors (many of these stores have many sellers).

Then, we can take advantage of the best deals of the product that we want to buy. Check out the steps to buy from international stores and start to enjoy the best deals from online stores:

Step 1: how to pay

International stores generally accept many forms of payment, but the minimum required by these stores in order to buy your products is to have a international credit card or a PayPal account.

About PayPal:
Well, PayPal is an online service that offers its customers a secure way to pay over the Internet. It works like a real online bank, where you create an account, add your financial information (online stores do not have access to this information) or simply deposit money through transfers to pay for your purchases.

With around 123 million customers, it is a safer way to make payments on the Internet today. This process takes place in a safe and protected environment. PayPal offers worldwide coverage. There is also a system of protection for customers in which payment is not authorized, or the product is sent irregularly, you can open a “dispute” and, in 45 days, receive or receive money.

Step 2: choose a trust store

The choice of the store is usually linked to a good cost-benefit ratio. The greater the number of sellers, there is more competition and the value of products is lower. This is very good for us. However, we must wisely choose the supplier to avoid future problems.

In that case, international websites generally have a seller reputation system. This is a ranking created from the buyers’ rating / feedback. So, the higher the seller’s score, the more reliable he is. Now, if you choose a specific store with your own brand or with official representation from other brands and you don’t know this store, you need to ensure that a store is reliable . You can read more about by clicking here.

Step 3: types of delivery

If you make a purchase at an online store, several shipping methods will be available. However, each of them has different values ​​and delivery times. Therefore, knowing how to choose the most suitable method will make your product more or less cheap. The most cost-effective shipping method today is the e-Packet.

Step 4: tracking orders

After buying what we wanted, it is time to wait for the delivery of the product. At this point, it is important that we have the order tracking number , to find out if it was correctly sent to us. There are several ways to find out where our orders are during the shipping process. You can track your orders through smartphone apps or websites like 17track. Usually, deliveries are made within a period of 7 to 25 days, varying according to the company and destination.


We already know the basic steps to buy from online stores around the world! That said, check out the most trusted chinese online stores to buy your stuff: