How to open a dispute on AliExpress

How to open a dispute on AliExpress

The AliExpress is the largest shopping world’s biggest online today. This is in large part for its protection policies to customers and reliability, credibility. However, by having multiple vendors, there is the possibility of someone malicious and in this case, we may be harmed. Thus, a form of protection to our money is the option to open a dispute.

The dispute would then be a way to resolve any misunderstandings that occur between seller and buyer. It is a guarantee of the virtual store for your online shopping. One of the misconceptions mentioned, is the risk we buy something of quality or description less than advertised. Of course, following the tips on how to choose a reliable seller, it does not. However, if it occurs, you can choose to open a dispute with the seller and if there is no conciliation or is proven that you have been injured, the price you paid will be refunded in part or in full.

Virtual store warranty

To open a dispute is simple. However, before we begin, it is important to say that to request a refund, your case must fit into at least one of these reasons:
– It did not receive your product;
– Having received a product that does not reflect the announced, that is, be different from the ad description (a used product and not new, for example).

And remember, respect the period of posting and delivery site. In the case of this online shopping, posting occurs in up to 5 days and delivery of 15 to 25 days. So, knowing when to open a dispute is very important not to make mistakes. So should be done if the last five days there is no confirmation of posting and if last about 30 days, the product remains stable traffic situation.

Time and quality of products

If the deadline for receipt is already running out and nothing of your order, open the site AliExpress and on the “My Orders” in your profile, locate the product you want to open a dispute and click on “see details” as the example illustration 1. Then, on the page that opens click “open a dispute” (illustration 2). Note that you have a time x purchase protection to make such a move . And if you are with the products stuck on the IRS for a long time because of a possible strike, for example, also note that you can ask the seller to extend the time of your protection. Then, on the page that opens click “open dispute” (illustration 2). See that you have a purchase protection time to open the dispute. See also you can ask the seller to extend the time of your protection is considered that your order will arrive soon (as tracking).

On the next page you open (illustration 3), you must answer some questions and inform the cause of their dispute (write it in English). You must enter also want to be partial refund or full and can attach pictures of the product (if a product that does not reflect the announced). So the website will judge your case and will reimburse you if verified abuse. After entering the information, click “Submit”.

Now wait for the response from the seller, he has 15 days to contact you and try to resolve their situation. If there is no reconciliation, the virtual shop staff and will act based on the arguments of both sides and any attached evidence, you will be informed whether it will have their money refunded. The whole process can take about a month.

While these problems do not happen easily. If you are really injured, site staff will punish the advertiser. Why this online store follows as one of the biggest, best and most reliable online shopping in China.

Important: The dispute can only be opened while the product is within “purchase protection”. Then, extend the protection if necessary and if it has the extinguished term, you can still make a formal complaint directly to AliExpress site via the “submit a complaint“.

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