Foreign stores to buy makeup and fragrances

Have you ever wondered if products bought in foreign stores, such as make-up and perfumes by famous brands, cost less than those found in national stores?

Well, most people search famous cosmetic brands worldwide and because of that pay very high values in the products, listed as the brand name. But it is natural that these brands are cheaper in their home region. So, buy in the region of these products may be cheaper and advantageous.

Of course, the correct is to know the product before you leave shopping at foreign online stores, because in the specific case of makeup and perfumes, it is necessary that these products have good quality, with good fixation, duration… So, know and experience the products is very important. The basic tip is: go to a store without commitment and see the fragrances, the makeup, cosmetics… then run to the foreign stores to order them at the best value.

Here are some online shops selling the most famous brands in the cosmetic world and enjoy the deals:

Specialized in makeup

Specialized in fragrances


Important: When shopping in foreign online stores, be sure to also check the bottle size – this can be informed in “ml” or “oz” (volume measures taken differently according to foreign store). If in doubt, check the conversion table below:


A curiosity: many foreign stores sell the so-called “perfume tester“, which is nothing more than the original fragrance without box and without the cap (perfumes are used by stores like showcase for customers know fragrances). Perfume Testers continue to the spray nozzle and remain functional. The difference is that there is concern about aesthetics. The quality is the same, but the price more attractive. See below for an example:


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