Is Top CPE reliable?

Is Top CPE reliable?

If you’re looking for a cheap iPhone, but you’re afraid you’ll end up buying a fake one, a good alternative is to invest in a refurbished device.

And if you’ve ever researched where to buy a refurbished iPhone, you’ve probably “fallen” on the Top CPE. But is this a reliable store? Find it out!

What is Top CPE?

Top CPE is an AliExpress store that specializes in selling iPhones and other refurbished devices such as LG, Nokia, Samsung and Sony.

The store has been in business since 2012, has no less than 195200 followers and has 92.7% positive reviews.

What is a refurbished iPhone?

A refurbished iPhone is a device that has gone off the market for some reason and has been refurbished to be resold.

This means that one or more parts of it were replaced, which could be from the screen (the most common), the housing, the lenses and even some piece of hardware.

And of course there are reliable stores that only use original parts for this, or at least parts of good origin, and there are those stores that put any part just to sell the device.

Because of that, you need to choose the store where you will buy your refurbished iPhone very carefully.

How was the experience of buying an iPhone at Top CPE

Before referring any store to our followers, our team makes a purchase to verify the reliability of the seller and their products. So we bought an iPhone 8 Plus from Top CPE.

And as a result, we received a device that was very well packaged and so well refurbished that it looked brand new.

Seriously folks, there weren’t any marks on the screen or the housing of the iPhone, which means they were probably replaced. But the job was so well done that there was no glue left, and the screen was on par with the original.

And after a few days of testing the iPhone 8 Plus, we realized that the battery must have been replaced as well, which is great, since such an old device no longer holds a charge.

We also tested the quality of the cameras that, apparently, were the original ones, as they had that discreet pixelation of the old iPhones. However, despite having an outdated quality, the cameras were working perfectly and the lenses had no scratches.

The only noticeable detail on the refurbished iPhone received from Top CPE was a slight oxidation of the charging port, but this is quite common on devices older than 5 years.

Over the course of two weeks, we did multitasking tests, tested audio and image quality, and even got heavy games to run on the iPhone 8 Plus. And it did as well on the tests as a new device would.

In short, for those who want to save money and buy a cheap iPhone, the tip is to invest in a refurbished device from a reliable store.

iPhones purchased at Top CPE are taxed?

As with any imported product, iPhones purchased from Top CPE can be taxed.

In our case, we paid R$200, the equivalent of US$40, of import taxes on a product worth R$1,428 (US$280).

Even so, the iPhone 8 Plus purchased at Top CPE cost about R$1,000 (US$200) less than if it were purchased in Brazil.

Is it safe to buy from Top CPE after all?

Top CPE has been on the market for over 10 years and has been gaining more and more followers.

That’s because it delivers quality products and provides after-sales support to its consumers.

And the biggest proof of its reliability is that Top CPE has received 92.7% of reviews positive, which is rare to see in a store with so much time on AliExpress.

Among the thousands of reviews, the store garners praise for the speed of delivery, the care in packaging, the high response rate, the ease of troubleshooting and the quality of its refurbished devices, of course.

Therefore, Top CPE is an extremely reliable store.

Where to buy cheap and quality iPhone?

You can find all available iPhone models at Top CPE by clicking here.

Check out the unboxing with all the information about the iPhone 8 Plus from Top CPE: