How to save when buying a Xbox Series X in the US

How to save when buying a Xbox Series X in the US

Waging a fight of giants against the mighty PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X matches its opponent both in quality and super-salty price.

So today we are going to teach you how to save money when buying a Xbox Series X in the US.

Where to buy the Xbox Series X in the US

In the US, the Xbox Series X can be purchased from online or physical stores, such as the famous electronics stores: BestBuy and Target.

And the truth is, after the Covid-19 shortage crisis has passed (when the Xbox Series X was costing more than twice as much), it doesn’t really matter where you make your purchase, as most of the stores follows the value suggested by Microsoft.

But then, is there no way to save by buying an Xbox Series X in the United States?

Yes there is! You can save a lot when buying an Xbox Series X in the US, it just depends on the type of console you choose.

How to pay less for Xbox Series X

As we mentioned earlier, almost all US stores, both online and physical, follow Microsoft’s suggested value for the Xbox Series X: $499.99.

However, we can save a lot when buying an Xbox Series X in Open-Box or Refurbished versions, as we can find this type of console for up to US$ 399 in stores like BestBuy.

That means we can pay $100 less for the same product.

All this without counting taxes, of course. But as they are charged regardless of whether the product is new or not, it ends up being the same.

Is it worth buying Xbox Series X Open-Box or Refurbished?

If you want to save a lot when buying an Xbox Series X in the US, we recommend that you consider purchasing “Open-Box” or “Refurbished” consoles, as they are often discounted up to 30%.

No, this does not mean that you will buy a used or poor quality product.

Open-Box products are nothing more than purchases that were returned shortly after being received, either by withdrawal or regret, so most were not even used.

The Refurbished are products that were returned due to factory defect. In this case, they return to the manufacturer to be repaired and then undergo the same tests that new products undergo.

Thus, they are sold again with the original national 12 months warranty, as if they were new. And yes, the vast majority show no signs of use.

Will Microsoft release the Xbox Series X Pro? How much will it cost?

Rumors about the launch of the Xbox Series X Pro have been circulating for a long time, but it was only in the last few months that the first signs appeared.

In May, TCL Technology revealed that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are expected to get Pro versions next year.

At the conference where the launch was “confirmed”, a panel showed that the consoles will have an AMD Radeon RTX 7700 XT card, 2160p resolution, from 60 to 120 frames per second (the same as current consoles) and up to 8K.

Despite publicly disclosing this alleged release, TCL did not delve into the details. But since Zuby-Tech “predicted” that the new PS5 will be released between late 2022 and early 2023, and that it will cost around $600, we should expect the Xbox Series X Pro not to miss out.

5 accessories that can be purchased on AliExpress for Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X dustproof filter

Everyone knows that there is no worse enemy of a console than dust. But smothering it in an attempt to keep dirt from getting in is a bad idea!

So you can invest in this special filter for the Xbox Series X that prevents dust from entering and still contributes to its cooling.

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Cooling fan for Xbox Series X

And since we’re talking about overheating, it can be a little difficult to find a cooler that fits the Xbox Series X perfectly, as it has a somewhat bulky body.

But on AliExpress you can find this cooling fan that was developed especially for the console. It features two ultra-quiet fans, RGB lights with an amazing effect and a vertical design that saves a lot of space.

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Charging station for Xbox Series X controller

Yeah, folks… Microsoft hasn’t given up on battery-operated controls yet. But luckily, you can now invest in a charger for your Xbox Series X controllers!

The BebonCool Xbox Series X charger is capable of charging two controllers simultaneously, reaching a full charge in up to 5 hours. It even has LED charging indicators and anti-overheating technology, so you don’t have to worry if you forget the controls on the charging station.

And if you’re wondering how to charge a battery-operated controller, know that this charger comes with two rechargeable batteries that are fully compatible with the Xbox Series X that, in addition to being easy to install, have a capacity of 2550 mAh and guarantee up to 25 hours of matches.

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Mobile holder for Xbox Series X controller

Did you know that you can enjoy all Xbox Series X games on your smartphone?

If you’re going to travel and don’t have space to take your Xbox Series X console, because it’s not compact at all, you can access the Xbox app and play directly on your phone.

And to make this experience as real as possible, you can purchase this amazing holder that connects the Xbox Series X controller to your smartphone. It supports devices of at least 6.5 inches and features a telescopic swivel clamp capable of adjusting the angle up to 180°.

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Silicon cover for Xbox Series X controller

And to avoid accidents and prolong the life of your Xbox Series X controller, nothing better than a good silicone cover.

Ivyueen’s silicone covers feature an exclusive design that molds perfectly to the Xbox Series X controller, including all its outputs, and has non-slip details to give more security to movements.

In addition, they are produced in ultra resistant silicone with anti-dust treatment and can still be purchased in 7 super stylish colors.

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