How to save lots of battery on iPhones in 2022!

How to save lots of battery on iPhones in 2022!

Even with an improved OS and use of smart charging, not even the iPhone escapes running out of battery. Even worse is for those who bought a used iPhone and the device drains battery when it is not being used.

But calm down! There are several ways to save battery on your iPhone, whether it’s new or used.

So today we are going to teach you some tricks on how to save battery on iPhone. Check out:

How to save battery on iPhone


We start with a tip that should be done by all users as soon as they pick up the iPhone.

Go to Settings -> Notifications and disable all apps you don’t use, like Apple’s. Then disable those apps from stores that you don’t need to receive notifications from.

This will save a lot of battery because every time the iPhone consults notifications it runs several algorithms, accesses the internet and downloads various information using the battery.

The next tip is to go to Settings -> Sound -> Touch and disable the option System Touch.

This causes the iPhone to vibrate every time you interact with it, even if you don’t realize it.


The next feature we are going to use to save battery is the Dark Mode.

To do this, just go to the shortcuts center and select the mode. Thus, the iPhone will turn off all unnecessary pixels and will use less battery.

For non-AMOLED or OLED screens, we can go into Adjustments -> Accessibility -> Screen and Text Size -> Reduce White Dot.

After we set the device’s white dot level, it uses much less battery.


If there’s one thing that can kill your iPhone’s battery, it’s GPS. But that doesn’t mean you should turn off the device’s location, as many messenger apps need this data.

So, go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Service and disable the apps you don’t use.

The gyroscope is also used a lot by applications that spend all their time requesting information, even when they are not used.

So, disable the gyroscope for apps you don’t use by going to Settings -> Privacy -> Fitness Mode.

Usage time

If you don’t have kids who use your iPhone, there’s no reason for the device to keep storing usage time data, as it consumes battery.

Deactivate this function in Settings -> Usage Time.

Habits that drain iPhone battery

Believe me, sometimes we blame the device for not holding battery, but it’s actually our habits that are draining it.

There is a mania that we inherited from Android which is the act of closing applications. In the old days this really helped to save battery, but these days it just gets in the way.

Every time we close an app that we use frequently, the iPhone “erases” all the data, and when we open the app minutes later, the device has to download all the information again.

This ends up using a lot more battery than if we leave the app open, since the iPhone keeps it “frozen” without generating new data while it’s not being used.

Habits that save iPhone battery

Some habits save iPhone battery, like smart battery management.

And for that, go to Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health and enable Optimized Charging.

This charging increases battery life because it does smart charging according to your habits.

For example: if you always put the iPhone to charge at midnight and start using it at 9 am, the device will understand that this is your routine and will charge 80% of the battery, stop, and just go resume charging just before you wake up.

How to save iPhone battery in an emergency

Finally, we are going to give you a tip that is only to be used when you cannot charge the iPhone, as it is an emergency feature that greatly modifies the functionality of the device.

So if you leave the house without the charger and need to save battery for later, go into Settings -> Battery -> Low Power Mode .

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