How to know if Redmi AirDots is genuine or fake

How to know if Redmi AirDots is genuine or fake

The Redmi AirDots is one of the most popular Bluetooth earphones, so it’s no wonder there are so many fake versions of it!

We don’t need to say that a fake product doesn’t have the same quality, do we?

So, we will teach you how to identify if your Redmi AirDots is genuine. Check out:

Redmi AirDots

The Redmi AirDots S is a low-value earphone that delivers excellent value for money.

It has great audio quality and has a stereo effect that is not perfect, but is superior to many more expensive earphones.

Plus, AirDots S provides soundproofing and even has a good mic that can be used for calls and games.

As a bonus, this great little earphone carries an efficient Gamer mode with Bluetooth 5.0 that guarantees a slight delay only on entry-level smartphones.

And finally, it achieves 4 hours of continuous music playback, but its charging base is capable of storing 12 hours, which is great for those who will be away from home for a while!

How to tell if Redmi AirDots is genuine or fake:

First of all, it is important to pay attention when buying. You should always check that the website or seller is trustworthy and that there are guarantees against manufacturing defects.

And despite being a cheaper earphone, you should be wary of very low prices.

It is also necessary to check if the information matches the official disclosures of the brand.

Don’t forget: the consumer has the right to cancel a purchase within seven days of receiving the product!

Now, let’s teach you in a very practical way how to differentiate an original Redmi AirDots:

You can start by examining the box! In the original version the Redmi AirDots box has very visible “dots”, which is usually not so evident in the fake version.

If the box is well made and there are still doubts, you can check if the earbud rubber is semi translucent. On the fake earphone, the color is deep black.

You can also remove the rubber and check if there is the CMIIT ID recorded below.

Finally, if you have a very well crafted fake version on hand, you can check the specs.

Here is the complete set of a genuine Redmi AirDots S:

Where to buy?

Click here to be redirected to a reliable store that you can buy all the versions of genuine Redmi Airdots launched until now!