Special gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Special gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother is that enlightened being that embraces everyone and always fits one more!

In fact, mom is just a word … the meaning is much deeper and a name cannot translate everything it represents.

Mother can also be that grandmother who raised, the aunt who welcomed you, the older sister who is present, or the beloved foster mother …

For all types of mothers, there is always a gift that, even symbolic, is a show of affection on this very special day!

Discover wonderful gift ideas for Mother’s Day on AliExpress now:

Beautiful and sturdy purses

A sturdy purse is an indispensable item for everyday life. But who says it can’t be good, beautiful and cheap?

Shop Store Purse

For those who need a more social purse and with enough space for important things, this Aihuijia bag can be a good option!

Aihuijia is made of polyurethane and has beautiful details.

It can be worn on the shoulder or as a handbag.

In addition, it can be purchased in mustard, black, beige, green or pink.

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Spacious and beautiful wallets

We may not realize it, but we use our wallet almost daily. So we need it to be sturdy, spacious and also beautiful, why not?

KAVI’S Official Store wallet

Despite the regrets, we all know that polyurethane products have the longest durability. Therefore, this KAVI’S wallet collects fans on AliExpress!

You can choose from four color options for your wallet for life, they are: red, green, black and blue.

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Comfortable shoes

For the daily rush, or to rest at the end of the day, every woman needs to have comfortable shoes as an ally.

After all, nothing worse than feeling pain in your feet after a busy day.

CINESSD Store orthopedic sandal

Who said an orthopedic shoe can’t be beautiful?

Cinessd sandals have an orthopedic shape that promises to end pain in the soles of your feet. In addition, they are beautiful and can be used on several occasions.

They have a very modern design and wonderful colors!

You can find it in the colors: purple, brown, silver, gold and yellow.

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Anti-aging creams and lotions

Aging is a natural process that we will all go through, but who said that we can’t go through the best way possible?
To delay what is inevitable, we can count on allies such as anti-aging creams and lotions!

Peptide cream from VIBRANT GLAMOR Official Store

Peptides are molecules that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin.

The loss of collagen and elastin are the main factors of skin aging. That’s why Vibrant created a cream based on peptides and hyaluronic acid!

The combination of these components helps to eliminate the effects of time, as it generates increased firmness, skin contraction and oil control. In addition, it acts against acne and the fearsome age spots.

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Beautiful and useful kitchen accessories

With the busy daily life, our mothers increasingly need practicality in the kitchen. So, here’s a list of practical and beautiful accessories that make a great gift!

– Silicone stretch lids

This set of six silicone caps is certainly a wild card in the kitchen! The lids are moldable and reusable, being indispensable for practicality in the art of cooking.

With them, you can store food in almost any container without it smelling or losing properties. In addition, they can also be taken to the microwave!

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