How to convert clothing measurements from China to USA

How to convert clothing measurements from China to USA

If you’ve ever bought clothes online from stores like AliExpress, Shopee or Amazon, you’ve probably noticed that the Chinese measurement chart is quite different from ours.

And since many people end up making mistakes when shopping for not knowing how to choose the right size of Chinese clothes, today we are going to teach you how to convert the size of clothes from China to the USA.

In this complete tutorial, you will also discover how to convert the size of shoes, bras and accessories purchased from China, and you will also learn how to take all the measurements without error.

Difference in US and China clothing sizes

The first thing you should keep in mind before choosing a China clothing size is that Chinese people are much smaller than we are.

That’s why a lot of people say that you have to choose 2 sizes more when buying clothes from China on AliExpress, Shopee or Amazon.

This can indeed be a great idea if you are not short and extremely thin, after all, the Chinese tend to have a smaller stature than ours, in addition to being very thin.

This means that clothes made in China are, in general, made for the Asian biotype, being small and/or short on us.

How to convert clothing size from China to USA

While most clothes sold on sites like AliExpress, Shopee, and Amazon are made in China, they are sized in universal English sizes, such as: S, M, L, and XL.

However, in some cases, the measurements next to the sizes appear in centimeters. And since sizes depend a lot on each manufacturer, it’s always good to check that the measurements correspond to the sizes you know.

So, if the measurements are in centimeters, just multiply:

1 cm = 0.3937 inches
1 inch = 2.54 cm

Chinese to American conversion charts

As we mentioned before, the ideal is always to ask for 2 sizes more when buying clothes from China.

When it comes to shoes and accessories, you can buy the number corresponding to your size. However, these measurements are usually in centimeters or inches, so it is very important that you know how to measure yourself correctly.

Follow the charts below to make sure you don’t make a mistake with your purchase:

Men’s size chart from China to USA

Women’s size chart from China to USA

China Ring Size

Warning: if you are in doubt about the size, always choose the largest.

How to take measurements to buy clothes and accessories from China

First of all, to get your measurements correctly before converting clothing sizes from US to China, you need a tape measure. No, rulers do not serve this purpose.

We also advise you to measure your clothes off the body, placing them on a smooth surface.

Remember to pick a piece of clothing that fits you well and check if the fabric is similar to the one you are going to buy, as there is no point in measuring a pair of jeans if you are going to buy leggings, as these pants depend on their elasticity to mold to the body.

With that in mind, follow the pictures to get your measurements correctly:

How to measure the body to buy a shirt or t-shirt from China

How to take measurements to buy pants from China

Learn how to measure the bust to buy a bra from China

Stand in front of a mirror with a cupless bra.
To measure your bust, run the tape measure snugly, but not too tightly, across the fullest part of your breast. Your size will be where the tape is most comfortable.
To measure your bra strap, wrap the tape measure around your chest, just below your breast. Remember that the tape cannot come loose to prevent the bra from riding up.

Measuring your foot to buy shoes from China

Another big question when we buy products from China in stores like AliExpress, Shopee and Amazon, is how to measure the foot correctly so as not to make mistakes in the shoe size.

That’s why we’re going to teach you a foolproof way to measure your foot.
See the image and follow our tips:

The easiest way to measure the foot is to draw it on a blank sheet of paper. Then just use a tape measure to measure the distance from the heel to the big toe.

Measuring your finger to buy a ring from China

And if you want to buy a ring from China but don’t know how to measure your finger, follow the tips below:

Cut a strip of paper and go around the entire circumference of the finger you want to wear the ring on. Then, just mark the end of the strip and measure with a ruler.