Connecting two Bluetooth speakers to a device

Connecting two Bluetooth speakers to a device

Smart speakers, like Google Home and Amazon Echo, are increasingly present in our daily lives. After all, it has become much easier to listen to music, to know the weather, and everything we want to answer to our virtual assistants!

With this new habit, the need arose to connect to several bluetooth devices simultaneously.

Want to know how we can do this? Check out the following tips:

Connect with Samsung Dual Audio

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S8, or the higher version, can to enjoy their Bluetooth Dual Audio. Samsung Dual Audio is compatible with virtually all Bluetooth devices, such as speakers and earphones.

One advantage is that Samsung Dual Audio does not require Bluetooth 5 to make a simultaneous connection.

To pair, follow the tips below:

1- Go to > Settings > Connections > Bluetooth.
2- In Android Pie, or higher, click > Advanced > Dual audio
3- In earlier versions, tap the menu icon (…)
4- Turn on Bluetooth
5- Pair the smartphone with two speakers or two earphones on the list

The Samsung Dual Audio makes simultaneous pairing of only two devices. If a third party is paired, the first Bluetooth device will be disconnected.

When two pairs of headphones/earphones are paired, only the first pair can use the media controls. Therefore, it is not possible for the two users to exchange music, for example.

The ideal is to use the devices in separate environments, as they may be out of tune because it depends on the Bluetooth.

Use the HomePod Stereo Pair

Very similar to Samsung’s Dual Audio, the HomePod Stereo Pair was created for Apple users to pair up to two Bluetooth devices.

With the Home app, we can pair a Mac, iPhone, iPod touch or even an iPad, with two Homepod speakers!

An advantage of the HomePod Stereo Pair is that two HomePods can be configured in the same room! With that, you will have the option of using both speakers as a stereo sound pair.
Remember: the two HomePods must be in the same environment for pairing.

Steps for pairing:

1- In the Home app, tap / double-click > HomePod
2- Scroll down the screen and tap / click > Settings
3- Tap / click > Create stereo pair
4- In the list, select the second HomePod
5- Two HomePod icons will appear in your app
6- Tap / click > Back > Done

To form a stereo pair, an iPhone iOS 11.4 / Mac with macOS Mojave or higher is required. HomePod is also required to have iOS 11.4 or higher operating system.

You can create a stereo pair with two HomePod or two HomePod mini speakers. However, you will not be able to create a stereo pair with a HomePod and a mini HomePod.

Bose Connect and Ultimate Ears apps

To connect Bluetooth speakers simultaneously, you can use the Ultimate Ears or Bose Connect apps. However, these apps only work for specific models.

Ultimate Ears has two versions that transmit audio to several speakers.
The Boom and MegaBoom apps transmit only to compatible speaker lines. Applications have a feature called PartyUp that connects up to a total of 50 Boom 2 or MegaBoom speakers.

Bose Connect, available for Android or iOS, can be used with their branded speakers and headphones. It has the Party Mode feature that streams audio to two speakers or two earphones simultaneously.

Devices compatible with Bose Connect:
Bose Frames, QC®35, SoundSport® wireless, SoundSport® Pulse wireless, SoundSport® Free wireless, QuietControl & # x2122; 30, SoundLink® wireless II, ProFlight®, SoundWear, SoundLink® Color II, SoundLink® Revolve, SoundLink® Revolve +, SoundLink® Micro, and S1 Pro® speakers.