How to receive my purchases from other countries

How to receive my purchases from other countries

When we buy a product in foreign online stores, there are usually several ways to send our products ranging from standard parcel delivery service in each country to private companies more expensive.

Choose one or the other will endear or cheapen our purchase. However, in some cases, we have to evaluate whether really not worth paying more because depending on the amount or value of the product, is more interesting choose these companies.

see below the main shipping methods offered by shops and foreign sellers:

AIR POST MAIL: Are part of this category standard parcel shipping services of each country:
– HK Post (Hong Kong)
– China Post (China)
– SingPost (Singapura)
– Chunghwa POST (Taiwan)
– USPS (Estados Unidos)
– Correios (Brasil)

Advantages and disadvantages: low or free shipping price and slow delivery time (15-25 days as country).

EXPRESS or PRIORITY: Are part of this category:
– USPS Priority (USA)
– EMS (China and other countries)

Advantages and disadvantages: priority shipping orders but high cost (7-15 days as country).

COURIERS: Are part of this category private companies:
– FedEx Express
– DHL/DHL Express
– Preferred Carrier

Advantages and disadvantages: very fast shipping but very high cost (5-10 days as country).

It is important to say again that, depending on the product you purchase (value and quantity) and their needs, pay for a private service may or may not be interesting.

It’s the first time you shop in another country?

If you have never made ​​a purchase in China or other countries, then understand the steps in this process by clicking here.