Buy wireless routers and network equipment in China

Buy wireless routers and network equipment in China

Today, we live connected to the Internet and because of that, have a quick connection in our house became an item necessities.

These products have a finite life and usually stay connected 24 hours, which reduces its durability increasingly, especially when the power grid is not the best.

When we have the chance to realize that our wireless router stopped working overnight, we need to spend a value that did not consider and thus run to the nearest store and get another, which often does not meet our needs.

In these situations there is plenty to do. However, it is interesting to consider buying these products on chinese sites because in them the value of this type of product is much lower. However, we need to take some precautions in this endeavor. See:

Care in choosing the router

One of the most important points that we should pay attention when choosing the router is to opt for language that meets our need (firmware). Many wireless routers available on AliExpress do not support English. It is extremely common to find routers only in chinese and russian in these virtual stores. So we need to be careful with it not to regret later and need to return the product because we can not always install languages ​​in it.

Choosing the router according to your needs

Less is more, people say. But in this case, more is more. More antennas, more dBi, faster transmission … a domestic router is 150Mbps, and generally has only one antenna 5 dBi. And it’s very good if the space of your home is not as big or router is not behind the house, inside the room, with many walls and electronic equipment on the way to the room. So, look for a wireless router of at least 300Mbps and with two antennas 5 dBi each. Even better if they are detachable, so they can be replaced with larger antennas and better, if necessary. It is also important that the product VPN support.

Choosing the standard type

When you are choosing your wireless router, it is important to check if it is 802.11b/g/n, because some devices may not work with a rotator only 802.11n, for example.

– If you follow these basic tips will certainly find a good and cheap wireless router.