China mobile covers types

China mobile covers types

Day after day smartphones are more modern, with more features, offering the world in the palm of our hands, equating to the personal computer gives us in our daily lives.

With this expansion and incorporation of these technologies in these small devices, the companies have been increasingly offering smartphones with larger screens and because of that, they are more exposed and therefore vulnerable to weathering, environments and careless.

So, it is almost essential that as we acquire a new smartphone in the store, as we purchase also certain accessories in order to guarantee greater protection and life to this unit. However, most people lose when choosing these products and because of that we gather in this article some of the best mobile covers models available in the market to help you in this choice. See below:


Traditional mobile cover are the most popular, usually made of silicone and acrylic. Silicone is a more flexible material while the firmer acrylic.

They are ideal to ensure the thickness of smartphones. That is, increasing the “thickness” of the apparatus is quite subtle (except pet models). However, in the case of silicon, with a more soft material, the fitting can become imperfect much less precise.

In the case of smartphone covers made of acrylic, the fit is precise and perfect grip. But the top and bottom of the phone perpetuates unprotected – which, although not a risk in terms of screen protection, can compromise the aesthetics of these locations.

Pet type and food type

This is yet another categorical change in tardicional cover. However, with rapid popularization and large, the pet of mobile covers grew and gained so many fans who decided to quote them.

It is a perfect choice for those who do not really care for thickness, shape and original design of the smartphone, but for the “cuteness” of hundreds of thousands of models and forms that these smartphone covers has to offer.

Apart from the extravagance, present in aesthetics, pet foods and mobile covers have the same functionality and perhaps a little more protection than traditional covers.


Smartphone covers in a “flip” came to preserve your smartphone against malicious looks and to protect it against drops and scratches.

They are practical and intelligent solutions. You find them in various designs and usually made of polyurethane, carbon fiber and a combination of fiber and plastic.

When closed, it protects the front and back of the phone and just open there to use it. There are also options where the front of the flip has an opening that allows to see and interact with the main functions of the display.

Wallet type

Mobile covers type wallet are an evolution of the “flip” with a bonus in terms of functionality and practicality, as they offer the option of money we store and even credit cards inside, with our smartphone.

It has many models: some made of polyurethane and more discreet for men, but also in most chic prints too bright – typical wallet case style luxury that women like.

In contrast, to be very obvious, should not serve full replacement of the traditional portfolio. Because this cover can attract thieves.


This type of smartphone is made of a harder silicone and its main advantage over traditional silicone is the fact that it is more durable and ensure greater protection to the devices.

The TPU cover is also made of models with texturing, increasing friction during the smartphone handling and reducing the chance of smartphone out of our fingers.

There are also models made of TPU style picture frame, which for some fans of music and videos makes it easy to watch or listen to your favorite artist or band. Other smartphone covers models made of wood or bamboo fiber also are very successful.

The problem, however, is the fact that these models “fatten” the smartphone, deforming and consequently modifying its original design – which for many users is not cool.


The Bumper is undoubtedly the mobile cover model that preserves the design and aesthetics of the devices because it leaves the screen and the back of smartphones, totally free.

It’s a cover that involves only the device side, ensuring their protection, especially against the break, screen crack.

The edges of devices, being its weakest points, if not protected and fall depending on the angle, can compromise their screens and therefore the involvement rubber (material used in most bumpers) was the smart choice to address these problems. You find this type of smartphone cover in metal and hard plastic models.


That smartphone cover is the solution to guarantee the integrity of the smartphone in conditions where its use is much more risky.

It’s the cover that protects more a smartphone, no doubt.However, it is that more modifies its design, weight and originail format. Giving the smartphone a true characteristic of “brick” we want to avoid in our daily lives.

These mobile covers are made of a combination usually of ABS plastic with silicone – which ensures super protection on the outside, because it is harder and has more cushioning because of silicone. You can also find smartphone cover type overprotective models waterproof.

External power

It also has external power with cover models are made with an extra battery pack attached to the body of the cover, which is activated when the original smartphone battery dies.

It is a great choice for party-goers who need to ensure the life of their smartphones during happy hour or the night of the party.

The only problem is the fact that the body of the cover (with the exception of flip models) leave the screen and the front of the smartphone, very vulnerable.

Screen protector

Last but not least, we should mention the screen protector, an accessory undoubtedly essential to ensure the protection of your smartphone.

Even though current models have protection technologies such as, “Gorilla Glass”, none of them guarantees 100% protection to risks and scratches in different types of environments and impacts.

Very cheap even in their more expensive models, this form of protection has the version developed in tempered glass material, which theoretically resists much more the impact, dust and scratches.

Personally, I always use the screen saver on my smartphones. I try purchasing this product before the smartphone suffer falls or have your damaged screen.

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