China stores for smartphone replacement parts

China stores for smartphone replacement parts

Today, smartphones have become effectively, handheld computers and provide us with the world at the touch of a finger because of the high technology of its specifications as their screens and other millimeter components that process thousands of information at any time.

Today, companies launch a smartphone model and already need to think about how to make the successor bigger, thinner and with more cameras. Well, customers are increasingly demanding and want to combine technology, elegance and robust finish. This for companies, however, has become a real challenge.

At the same time, the received recommendation is: when to acquire a new device, is important to buy soon as possible an accessory that will provide greater protection to the smartphone, as protective cases or TPU bumpers, for example. Unfortunately, not everyone does that and what you see are many smartphones with screens broken out there, to say the least.

But the biggest problem is when other components are damaged as the LCD screen and battery. These components are essential to interact with the applications of these devices and need repair or eventually disable the smartphone.

Howerver, repair these parts can be a real stress and even a shock, not only by the time we will be without the smartphone, but also due to the high cost of repair that can usually be high or even approach the amount paid for the device. These times, we have only two options: pay the exorbitant amount requested or do it ourselves.

It is important to first say that the work of a professional will never be replaced. But we can and should attempt to resolve the problem by buying these direct parts suppliers (US and China). There we can find any parts, accessories and even tools to repair our devices. For this we can use Youtube (find repair videos from many different models and brands). It is also important to say that everything should be done calmly and with the proper tools to avoid damaging other parts involved in the repair.

That said, here are some online stores suppliers replacement parts for mobile phones and tablets:

Stores to buy replacement parts

– DealExtreme
– DirectFix
– Sunsky