China and US stores specialize in Plus Size clothes

China and US stores specialize in Plus Size clothes

Be fashionable, comfortable and confident at the same time is a more difficult task for the bigger people. That everyone knows. But we also know that fashion has always prioritized and created a real dictatorship of thinness over the decades that finally, began to fail to make the head of textile enterprises. Now, these companies have started to look really know the needs of people, their priorities, while that fashion stay aside, resulting in Plus Size fashion.

Plus size clothes came to break down prejudices and end the idea that women can only be beautiful if they have 40-50 pounds, an idea, let’s be honest, it is not our reality, or rather most of the world. It is a dictatorship that does not prioritize the welfare and challenges even the standards of the chinese and japanese people, famous for its super slim body types.

The most important is to feel good, happy with who we are and so we can transpire through clothing, personality and style. And thinking about it is that companies and designers began to rethink the way of doing fashion and most importantly, put it into practice. What turned out to launch many parades of clothes, calendars, advertising campaigns, creating a market that online retailers knew well enjoy.

Today, it is difficult to find an online shopping mall specializing in plus size clothing, because most of these stores are in large cities, causing many people still remain in the hand of the old fashion and suffer in clothes that do not respect their body type. But in other countries such as the USA, these stores are now much easier to find and the people dictates the fashion and rocks the looks, making bigger people are no longer seen as the group of friendly and come to be admired for clothing and consequently the style, beauty and personality.

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