Cheap clothes from China and other countries

Cheap clothes from China and other countries

When it comes to buying clothes in virtual stores, everyone has a little scared, right? Well, everyone knows that the Chinese have different measures of most of us. Yes, they are usually shorter and thinner.

So, it is expected that the information on modeling the clothes manufactured by textis companies from these countries aren’t used as a parameter for our body type when buying these clothes in Chinese online shopping. But then what should we do?

The basic rule is: order clothes in chinese online shopping at least twice the number here. The more correct is still buy using the measures. Because the chance to make a correct and safe purchase these online stores is much higher. However, you will need to measure your body to know the values ​​of exact measurements. See the figure below:

How to measure your body

If you need to measure body be to buy a clothes over the Internet , use a tape measure.

If the measurements are in inches, multiply with a calculator:
– 1 cm = 0.3937 inch
– 1 in = 2.54 cm

On the accessories such as rings, wedding rings and shoes, you also need to be careful, knowing the measures (diameter) to find the number you should choose. Here are some examples:

How to measure your foot

If you are buying shoes, for example, go around with a pen the entire length of your foot on a white sheet and measure it with a tape from the heel to the tip of the big toe.

How to measure your finger

If you are purchasing rings also need to measure your finger: Cut a piece of paper, go around the circumference of every finger you want to use the ring and then select the end. Finally, measure with a ruler and know the diameter him to do compared to the numbering used by the Chinese online shopping.

Done! Let’s shopping!

Be sure to save the steps you took for future clothes purchases! takes time on first purchase, but then just look at what you wrote down and choose the product that suits you in online shopping with safety and convenience.

Here are amazing shops to start your search:
– ChinaBúye
– Milanoo
– SammyDress