Top 5 Toys to Buy on Amazon

Top 5 Toys to Buy on Amazon

Are you looking for cheap and fun toys to gift your kids? Then you just found it!

On Amazon, you’ll find a wide variety of parent-child games, Baby Alive dolls, and even sharpie sets that will entertain and develop children’s skills.

And you can install your purchases in up to 6x interest free and you can even get free shipping!

Check out the top 5 toys on the site now:

5 – Modeling clay – Acrilex Soft

I bet you loved playing with modeling clay when you were a kid, didn’t you?

Modeling clay is an inexpensive and fun way to develop young children’s fine motor skills. It also teaches little ones about colors and their mixtures, and even stimulates the creativity of children of all ages.

And Acrilex Soft Modeling Clay is perfect for that, as it is made from corn starch and colored with non-toxic paint, so it doesn’t pose any risk to the health of the little ones!

Buyers’ Opinion

Modeling clay with a pleasant smell, soft texture and vibrant colors. It is also very easy to remove from hard surfaces (such as the floor and table), which is why it received the amazing 4.8 rating.

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4 – Baby Alive Pee Time

Playing at being a mother is the girls’ favorite game. And caring for a baby can also be great for boys to develop a sense of responsibility.

That’s why Baby Alive Pee Time is an excellent gift for the kids!

This Baby Alive is capable of drinking water and peeing as much as a newborn baby, so kids need to change her diaper, which is super fun, helps with motor coordination and even stimulates creativity.

And don’t worry, Baby Alive Pee Time already comes with a special bottle and a diaper that, when it breaks, can be replaced by a diaper for newborn babies.

Buyers’ Opinion

Children’s favorite doll! Baby Alive Pee Time is super interactive, has a good smell and a soft and firm texture. For making girls and boys happy, she received the excellent grade 4.8.

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3 – Uno – Copag

And it’s time for a card game that is the joy of children of all ages, the amazing Uno!

If you haven’t played Uno yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! This super fun card game is perfect to be played with the family and guarantee hours of intrigue and lots of laughs.

Here, whoever has only one card in hand wins, and for that, you can use the fearsome +4 so that the person next to you buys four cards, you can play the +2 and make someone at the table buy too many cards, or even “skip” the next player.

Anyway, Uno is a super fun game that stimulates thinking while uniting the family, or not!

Buyers’ Opinion

Despite having many play options, Uno is easy to teach kids, and they just love it. For being great family fun, it got the impeccable 5 rating!

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2 – Wood Game – Parents & Children

And who said that a cheap and simple toy can’t be an excellent gift?

Regardless of your age, I bet you’ve played with a wooden tower. This simple toy crosses generations by developing motor coordination, logic and strategy in adults and children, in addition to being super fun, of course.

And this wood game features 54 pieces of reforested wood with a perfect fit that will guarantee hours of fun for the whole family!

Buyers’ Opinion

The game is really cool, not only for kids, but for adults as well. It stimulates fine motor skills and is a lot of fun, so it deserves the great 4.7 grade.

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1 – Felt Tips Pens – Faber-Castell

And we close our list with the best selling toy on Amazon: Felt Tips Pens by Faber-Castell!

Faber-Castell is the largest manufacturer of pencils, pens and markers in the world, and for over 100 years has been innovating and creating reliable, super durable products.

Now, Faber-Castell has developed a marker pen that features an exclusive system that protects the tip against impacts, as children tend to squeeze the pen when writing and painting.

In addition, the Felt Tips Pens is fully washable, so you no longer have to worry about the children’s clothes when having fun!

Buyers’ Opinion

The sharpie has vibrant colors and, contrary to what we think, it doesn’t sink without the child pushing, which is great! It is super resistant and very easy to wash, which has ensured the incredible 4.9 rating.

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